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Updated:March 24, 2021


Copyright and Links


All articles, photographs, pictures and any other data that appears on the Saitama website (which began in 1996) belong to Saitama Prefectural Government or organization that provided the information.

Excluding private use reproduction or quoting that is allowed by copyright laws, without Saitama Prefectural Government's permission, you are not permitted to copy or place any of this information on other media.


Reproduction of any information or images that are found on the Saitama website requires prior consent by the Saitama Prefectural Government. To apply for our consent please click here. (This form is encrypted in SSL format. Depending on your computer, a warning message may appear. For details about this warning message please click here.)

Due to copyrights, some images are not permitted to be reproduced.


Please feel free to link to the Saitama website. However, please refrain from making Saitama's website seem like it is part of your website, such as by including it in your website frames.

Links from the Saitama website to other sites is limited to national, other prefectural and municipal government sites and public organizations in Saitama.

Please be forewarned that information, images and files found on the Saitama website may change or be taken off without prior notice.