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Updated : November 6, 2020

Shooting (Asaka Shooting Range)

Shooting (Olympics and Paralympics)

There are two types of shooting events: rifle and shotgun shooting. Rifle shooting events involve the athlete using a rifle or pistol to shoot at a fixed target. Shotgun shooting events involve the use of a shotgun to shoot clay targets which are launched into the air.

Shooting had been an official Olympic sport since the 1st Olympic Games held in Athens in 1896. Rifle shooting became an official Paralympic sport as of the Toronto 1976 Paralympic Games.

In order to compete in this ultimate contest of precision, a high level of concentration and unparalleled mental strength are imperative. 

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Asaka Shooting Range

Asaka Shooting Range was used as a venue for rifle shooting events during the Olympic Games Tokyo 1964. The venue has been specially equipped with temporary shooting facilities in order to adapt to the high standards of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

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Venue Access During the Games

Asaka Shooting Range is accessible via shuttle bus from Asaka Station, Wakoshi Station, and Hikarigaoka Station.

Access map to Asaka Shooting Range via Train

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Transfers and Travel Times from Major Stations in Tokyo

Transfer Map from Major Stations in Tokyo

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Please use public transport to reach the venue.

The shuttle bus departure and arrival stations are subject to additions and/or changes.

Travel times are estimates. It is expected that travel times will be longer than usual during the event period. Please allow extra time for longer-than-expected travel times.

Map of the Venue Area

9-4 Oizumigakuencho, Nerima-ku, Tokyo-to (opens in a new window)

Special Timetable

Consideration is currently being given to train schedule alterations and the operation of extra train services. Further detailed updates will be made in the future.