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Updated : September 13, 2017


Volunteers for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games

For the Olympic and Paralympic Games the following volunteers are required:
Volunteers whom Saitama Prefecture will recruit are “City volunteers”.

City volunteers

●Activities: engaged as guides for transportation and sightseeing for the visitors from inside and outside Japan
●Place for activities: stations around venues, terminal stations, sightseeing sites and others
●Organization: each municipality
●Number required: over 10,000 people (Tokyo)
* Volunteers in Saitama prefecture will be planned in FY 2017.

Games volunteer



●Activities:engaged in operation support of Olympic competitions and other activities (such as transportation) and  assistance at venues
●Place for activities: venues related with Olympics such as stadiums, athletes’ village and its periphery areas
●Organization: The 2020 Tokyo Organizing Committee of the Olympics and Paralympic Games
●Number required: about 80,000 will be needed


Other volunteers

* at various sites, other volunteers for various activities will be recruited
(Example): cleanup activity in the town
Environment beautification activities to make towns beautiful by planting flowers and others.
Show the way and give a hand to visitors in local sightseeing sites and others.