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Updated : January 28, 2021

Application for guest(currently suspending reception of applications)

Saitama Prefecture has initiated the 'Homestays in Saitama 2020' Program for Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games athletes' families and Games-related personnel, etc. who will be welcomed into the homes of local families as guests to participate in homestays.

Saitama is located just north of Tokyo and boasts an excellent transportaion network with highly convenient access to both Narita and Haneda international airports as well as Olympic and Paralympic venues.

The program offers the opportunity for guests to enjoy an authentic experience of the Japanese way of life by staying with a host family rather than at a hotel.


     guest with host families 2



April, 2019 to September, 2021

Eligible Participants

  • Families of 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games athletes
  • National Olympic Committee-related personnel
  • National Paralympic Committee-related personnel
  • National Sports Organization-related personnel
  • Foreign Press-related personnel
  • Games volunteers from abroad

Participant numbers and duration of stay

  • Maximum 3 people per household 
  • Maximum 3 nights per household

※ For participant groups with 4 or more people or for those who desire to stay in excess of 3 days, it may be possible for you to stay with multiple, differing host families.  If you would like to request to stay with the same host family, please indicate this in the "Additional Comments/Requests" section of your application form.  Please be aware that not all requests can be accommodated.


Host family houses within Saitama Prefecture


Free (Breakfast and dinner included each day) 

※All costs associated with additional, personal sight-seeing and tourism activities etc. will be the responsibility of the participant.


Guests will be provided with a private room.

Application Method

〇 Please submit your application via email no later than four weeks prior to the first day of your intended homestay.
〇 The application form can be downloaded from the links below(you can choose Excel file or PDF file)

Application form(EXCEL:15KB)

Application form(PDF:204KB)

Applications and Inquiries

The Saitama International Association

Application Requirements

〇 Participants must be covered by overseas traveler’s personal accident insurance prior to their arrival in Japan.
〇 The required forms and documents outlined below must be included with your application.


   Required Forms/Documents

Family of athletes  

Please include the email address, full name, department, and committee/organization of a person capable of confirming the identity of the guest in the "Identity Guarantor" section at the bottom of the application form.

※ The "Identity Guarantor" must be a member of the guest's affiliated Olympic/Paralympic committee or sports organization. (For family of athletes, the guarantor must be a member of the athlete's affiliated committee/organization.)
※After receiving your application, your ID will be confirmed with your designated
Identity Guarantor. If they do not reply confirming your ID, you will be unable to
participate in the homestay program, so please ensure you notify your Guarantor
and ask them to reply promptly when requested to confirm your ID.

National Olympic Committee-related personnel
National Paralympic Committee-related personnel
National Sports Organization-related personnel 
Foreign Press-related personnel  Please attach a copy of the guests' identification provided by their affiliated press organization (employer).  
Games volunteers from abroad 

Please attach a copy of document which clearly proves that you are an official Games volunteer.  Please inquire for more details.

Please Note:

1.Once you have been matched with a suitable host, you will be provided with further information regarding your host family no later than 10 days prior to the first day of your intended stay. After receiving this information, please ensure you contact your host family directly via email within 3 days.
※If you do not contact your host family, you will not be able to participate in the program.

2.Application does not guarantee participation in the 'Homestays in Saitama 2020' program. If suitable homestay accommodation cannot be arranged, you will be notified via email two weeks prior to the first day of your intended homestay.
※All times are indicated in local Japan times.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1:How can I participate in the homestay program? 

A:It's easy to apply! Please download the application form above and input the necessary information. Then, please send your application to the Saitama International Association via email. After the details of your application have been confirmed, you will be sent information regarding your host family (family members, available languages, etc.) via email at least 10 days prior to your intended homestay. 

Saitama International Association email : 2020homestay@sia1.jp 

Q2:I'm a little unsure about who my host family will be.  Is it possible to find out details in advance?

A:Yes! We will provide guests with their host family's information prior to their arrival in Japan. Furthermore, host families participated in various training courses to ensure that they are properly prepared to accommodate their guests, so please rest assured that your host will be ready to welcome you. 

Q3:How will I get to my host family's house?

A:Host families will be waiting for their guests at JR Omiya Station, Saitama Prefecture's terminal station, which is approximately 30 minutes from Tokyo Station. Please discuss the exact time of your arrival with your host family via email, prior to your arrival in Japan. We ask that you kindly find your own way to Omiya Station after arriving in Japan. You can download a train route map and guide map of Omiya Station via the website below;

Route Guide and Guide Map of Omiya Station 

Q4:I can only speak my native language.  Is this okay?

A:Of course! Host families have been provided with "Point-and-Speak" common phrase guides to aid with communication during your stay. Also, you can communicate with your host family via translation applications. Lastly, there are telephone interpretation services available to assist you 24 hours a day in 43 languages. 

Q5:There are foods I cannot eat for religious or health reasons.  Will my host family be able to accommodate my needs?  Also, can I request a host family that has no pets or a non-smoking host family?

A:If you indicate your preferences/personal needs in the relevant section of your application form, your host family will do their best to accommodate your dietary needs. Furthermore, guests will be matched with host families according to their requests regarding pets and smoking.

Feedback From Prior Participants

  • "The homestay was a really enjoyable experience and everyone was so warm and welcoming right from the start!  I'm still in contact with my host family!" (Foreign Pless-related personnel / Bangladesh)
  • "I took part in a nearby summer festival together with my host family and tried Bon-Odori (Japanese Obon Festival Dancing).  Everyone welcomed me into the dance circle straight away while helping me learn the moves!"  (Embassy staff / Irak)
  • "Following the teachings of my host family, I tried my hand at traditional Japanese cuisine!  I really felt immersed in another culture and had a great time!" (Foreign Pless-related personnel / Germany)

"Homestays in Saitama 2020" Promotional Leaflet

You can freely download a PDF file of "Homestays in Saitama 2020" Promotional Leaflet via the link below. Please utilize this promotional leaflet when you inform your friends or associates of Homestays in Saitama 2020.

Promotional Leaflet(PDF:780KB)