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Updated : January 29, 2021

Introduction of Olympic torchbearer 09

  Learning through sports with passion and commitment

【 Saitama city 】 Mr. Ian Scott



Mr. Ian Scott got into a traffic accident around his teenage years which resulted in him temporarily being in a wheelchair. Being a registered foreign lawyer (Australia, Queensland) that deals with international sports events, and as a para-athlete, he continued to participate as a volunteer. He was also active in being an advisor for the Japanese soccer team, Urawa Reds. He articulates the importance of making a dream come to life through passion and feeling responsible for completing what you set yourself to do.


—Please tell us about your motive on why you decided to sign up as a torchbearer. 

I got into a traffic accident around my teenage years and lived on a wheelchair for a while. If I did not receive support from sports or from the people I met through sports, the current version of myself would not exist. Because of this, I wish to support others through sports, which led me to sign up as a torchbearer for Tokyo’s 2020 Olympics. Serving as a torchbearer is a large step toward expressing my gratitude.


—What kind of defects have you suffered from the traffic accident?

I’ve suffered a back injury and a defect on my lower limbs. I’m fortunately capable of walking now. I’ll never forget to be grateful for the friends and the sports that have helped me to walk again.



—How have you been involved in sports?

I’ve been supporting the Australian Adaptive Sports Movement for over 10 years and have been engaged in multiple sports affiliations to support other athletes. While learning law and obtaining a degree, I also trained hard for parasports tournaments. I participated in the “Oita Wheelchair Marathon” of 1993 with another Australian athlete. I graduated the faculty of law in 1995 and am now partaking in international sport events and cases regarding sports affiliations as a registered foreign lawyer. Making my passion for sports my job, I’ve been able to make my goals of supporting individuals who are involved in sports come true.


—What are some things that make you glad to be involved in sports?

I wake up each morning realizing how lucky I am to be able to have a job that involves sports in which I’ve been able to meet passionate people and many friends. Although my teenage years consisted of painful experiences, I would not change anything. I’m able to work at a job that involves my passion for sports because of the past.


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—Please state an outline of your activities in Japan.

I arrived in Japan with my Japanese wife in 2007, and started working at a German soccer club, later transpiring a partnership with Urawa Red Diamonds. I then made use of the knowledge and expertise that I’ve gained and worked as an advisor for the Urawa Red Diamonds.


—You’ve been living in Saitama Prefecture for over 10 years, but are there dreams and/or goals that you’ve accomplished here?

During my time living in Urawa, I’ve accomplished one of my goals through working as an advisor for one of the greatest Japanese soccer clubs, Urawa Red Diamonds, for over 5 years. I’ve been able to meet many wonderful individuals and to feel the passion that supporters of the club have. To friends that visit Japan, I recommend them to watch the Urawa Reds games at the Saitama Stadium. A culture unique to Japan seep through the passion and energy of supporters, and I think sports clubs from other countries have a lot to learn from the Japanese clubs and supporters.


—Which sport are you paying attention to in Tokyo’s 2020 Olympics?

Although I love all types of sports, since I’ve worked in the world of soccer and working at a job that involved world rugby for over 6 years, I am particularly interested in soccer and seven-a-side rugby. However, it is hard to miss any sport at an Olympic level.


—Lastly, please tell us about your ambitions towards the torch relay.  

After 15 years since the accident, I was a torchbearer at the Sydney Olympics in 2000, but I still found it difficult to walk at the time. However, I am able to run this time. I’d like to show myself, my friends, and those who have supported me, that I am able to run again, and to convey my appreciation. This is one of my goals in life, and is something worth doing.

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