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Updated : January 29, 2021

Introduction of Olympic torchbearer 05

  A desire to thank everyone who helped me

【 Chichibu city, Minano town, Nagatoro town 】 Mr.Takumi Aizawa



Mr. Takumi Aizawa decided to challenge himself to the torch relay due to his love for the town of Minano, where he is born and raised. Although he has a hard time starting something new and often feels anxious about it, the torch relay was something he decided to do himself. He gets excited to cycle, which he started for stamina, to go see and take photos of the Chichibu Railway that he loves.


—What was the reason behind challenging yourself to the torch relay?

I go to a school with special needs education. I often feel anxious about starting something new and have this strong feeling of not being able to excel at something, but when I saw the poster for the torch relay, I had a strong desire to try it. I think running as torchbearer will give me confidence. I’d like to express my gratitude to teachers of my school and family that support me as well as those around me who help me.


—What did you feel when you were selected? 

I did not think that I would be selected, so I was very happy. Although it is unfortunate that the Olympics have been postponed a year, I am as motivated as ever. Since this is something that I wanted to start myself, I would like to accomplish it.  



—Is there something you’ve been doing to prepare yourself for the torch relay?

Since I am not very good at sports or running, I have been doing my best to exercise by riding my bike, which I started doing from May of this year. I have been taking my bike towards Oyahana Station of Chichibu Railway after school to take photos of the railway. I love to watch the railway and to take photos of it; I find the SL particularly cool. There is a rail freight transport of the Chichibu Railway that transports lime and is the color of the Olympics; it has a different color every time. I’m always eager to take photos thinking, “What color will it be today?”. The town of Minano has a lot of hills, so I feel like I’ve gained more stamina compared to before through cycling. I’ve also gotten more tanned compared to last year.

middleimg33-2.jpg  middleimg33-1.jpg


—Do you like sports?

I’ve taken the Seibu Railway to go see a baseball game at the MetLife Dome (Seibu Dome). I’ve also tried Boccia, an official event of the Paralympics, at school. It was very difficult to control the ball.

 ※ For more on Boccia : https://tokyo2020.org/ja/paralympics/sports/boccia/


—Please share with us what you are enthusiastic about regarding the torch relay.

Since this is a once in a lifetime experience, I will gain confidence if I accomplish this. I will start senior high school next year and would like to prepare myself to becoming more independent as a future member of society. I would be very happy if the people of Minano who understand me see me working hard. I will work hard.  

Mr. Takumi Aizawa's recommendation


Oyahanahashi bridge

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