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Updated : November 5, 2020

Pre-Games Training Camps and Host Towns

Saitama Prefecture has been working to attract pre-Games training camps for athletes from other countries and regions around the world coming to Japan to take part in the Tokyo 2020 Games. Find out about pre-Games training camps in Saitama Prefecture, as well as the municipalities serving as host towns.

What Is a Pre-Games Training Camp?

A pre-Games training camp is a camp held prior to the Tokyo 2020 Games for athletes who are taking part. Its purpose is to allow the athletes to adjust to the climate and other conditions of Japan.

It is often the case that in conjunction with a pre-Games training camp, events are organized to provide opportunities for Olympic or Paralympic athletes to interact with the host community, such as a training session in which members of the public can watch the athletes up close, as well as events to let athletes experience Japanese culture.

What Is a Host Town?

Under the Host Town Initiative, the Government of Japan registers local governments that are promoting human, economic and cultural exchanges with countries and regions taking part in the Tokyo 2020 Games as host towns to help promote the local economy and tourism as well as the Games themselves.

Local governments eligible to apply are those working to interact with athletes visiting Japan for pre-Games training camps or competing in the Games, or those using the Paralympic Games as an opportunity to achieve an inclusive society.

Saitama Prefecture and nineteen municipalities have been registered as host towns.