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Soka-Shuku Shinmeian Kimono and Yukata Rental 


At Soka-Shuku Shinmeian, is not just a place where you can get tourist information,

but also a place where you can dress up and rent kimono.
Handbags and Geta (Japanese Sandals for Kimono/ Yukata) are also available for rent,

you dont need to prepare anything in advance.
In the area, about 1.5km tall pine trees, where you can feel the taste of Edo,

why not enhance that experience by wearing and taking memorable photos in Kimono?

Price: 1500yen (Tax Included)
*For more information on the reception hours or how to apply,

please feel free to contact Soka-Shuku Shinmeian.





Soka Matsubara

1 Sakae-cho,Soka-shi

Soka-Shuku Shinmeian

1-6-14 Shinmei, Soka city, Saitama


Soka Matsubara Google map

Soka-Shuku Shinmeian Google map


Public Transport

5 minutes on foot from Matsubaradanchi Station on the Tobu Isesaki Line


5 minutes from Soka IC on the Tokyo Gaikan Expressway

Official site

Soka Matsubara

Soka-Shuku Shinmeian