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18 Mar.2019



     Location: 10 minutes by car from Hiasghi-matsuyama station


Hello viewers! This is LOVE Saitama AMBASSADOR , and you know who I am. This time ,I present to you another gem of a place hidden in Saitama prefecture, which is The COEDO beer factory , or COEDO brewery to be more precise. The reason I chose this place for my last visit this year , as the ambassador, was that I had focused mostly on places which were family-oriented , or mainly built for kids until now. Hence , the need for a place where adults could go and have some fun was pressing for some time.


As the name suggests, this is the brewery for Saitama prefectures first beer which also has its origins in Saitama prefecture, and this visit of mine here was a visit to the place where this famous beer is brewed. I took a simple tour of the brewery . Please keep in mind that this article of mine will not go into the depths of brewing methods adopted here at this brewery , but instead will just provide you with a general outlook as to what COEDO breweries is all about and how you can consider going here on a one day outing.

The first picture, which is the picture right below this paragraph , shows the very entrance of this building. This actually did not even remotely resemble a brewery or factory of any sorts, and seemed more like a regular office building one would stumble upon in downtown Tokyo!






The picture above is just taken by me at the reception of the brewery to denote how many flavours COEDO has to offer to its customer, and the vast variety which no other brand yet offers in Japan. There are also a lot of limited edition beer flavours available only in certain periods of the year , which are not displayed in the picture.


After greeting our guide for the day , I was first taken to a small room where I was shown a glimpse of the prizes and accolades COEDO had won for overseas. The list was endless, hence I shall only be posting a few pictures of what accolades I felt were the most outstanding.





We were later shown the place where visitors are made to taste the freshly brewed beer normally on guided tours.(Mind you , normally the tours are paid and not free so please keep that in mind.)




After that began our real tour. This consisted of a long hallway consisting of window panes through which you could glance inside the factory and take a look at all the gizmo stuff happening inside.




As it says in the picture above, the first picture was that of the malt grist mill.









What caught my attention was that the malt , was being imported from Germany. I though all of the ingredients were being procured from Japan itself, but this notion of mine was wrong. Another thing which startled me was that the steel containers used normally in izakayas, or restaurants, were hand-washed and scrubbed by manpower instead of passing it through some kind of machines.




Then came the bottling room at last , which is the room you would imagine at a typical factory in which machines are used to fix metal caps on glass bottles. Here, we were also told that the myth that canned beer was less tasty than bottled beer, existed because in the olden days it was believed that the more the surface area is in contact with oxygen , the more the taste goes down. But due to advanced canning methods employed in this factory , this is easily prevented and hence the taste difference does not arise between canned beer and bottled beer.




This bought an end to our visit here at this factory. If you need to know more in detail about their brewing methods or their branches, they even have an English translated page on their website so don’t forget to check! Here is the link below


Address + How to Access

Kyōdō Shōji Co., Ltd. COEDO Craft Beer Brewery

〒355-0008 1352 Ōya Higashimatsuyama, Saitama

15 minutes by car from Fukiage Station on the Takasaki Line.

10 minutes by car from Higashi Matsuyama Station on the Tōbu Tōjyō Line. 

TEL 0570-018-777


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To make a reservation: Please go on our official website.

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¥ 2,000 with drink and food samples