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Cultural exchange experience through bonsai (Seishoen)




Saitama Prefecture has many bonsai gardens and in 2017, the World Bonsai Convention was held here. Seishoen is also located in Saitama Prefecture. The supervisor of Seishoen is Mr. Hirao Shigeru. Mr. Hirao is not only an active bonsai teacher, he also works to promote bonsai both in Japan and abroad. Through his activities, he is working everyday with a strong desire to spread bonsai and connect it to the inheritance of Japanese culture. At Seishoen, you can admire Mr. Hirao’s works and do a hands-on bonsai making experience. Please come by if you are interested in doing a cultural exchange through bonsai making. 





Appreciation of bonsai

You can admire Mr. Hirao’s past works and listen to his commentary on the bonsai you are interested in at Seishoen. You can appreciate dozens of powerful bonsai at once, and even bonsai beginners can become enchanted by these works. In particular, the black pine bonsai (pictured left) that is in the center of the arrangement is a masterpiece.






In the viewing space, bonsai works made by the hands-on experience participants are also on display (picture below).




Bonsai experience

You can have a bonsai making experience at Seishoen. This experience targets people who have never done bonsai before, and since English explanations are also available, foreign tourists can also participate with no difficulties. You have to apply in advance (see below for booking details), but you can make your own bonsai from scratch.

There are two courses available, a replanting experience course that will take about 2-3 hours and a full day course where you can make your own bonsai from scratch. In the full day course, you can choose from a variety of branches yourself so you can put your own individual touch in your work. Please come by and enjoy Japanese culture while making your own original bonsai.

Both courses include drinks and you can enjoy making bonsai under the supervision of the enthusiastic Mr. Hirao.







Lastly, I will show you how to get to Seishoen from the station. The nearest station is the JR Kawagoe Line Sashiogi Station, and it is less than a 20 minute walk from there.


From the south exit of the Sashiogi Station, follow the road in front heading to the right (direction of the arrow in the left picture below). After that, turn right after passing the post office.




Turn right and follow the road, you will get to a highway where you will cross the green footbridge seen on the right, cross the road (left photo below) and go straight ahead (right photo below).




As you follow this road, you will see an embankment on the right side, so go in the direction of the red arrows in the picture below.



You can see a sports ground across the embankment, so follow the road that goes around the sports ground, and turn right at the end.




Go into the entrance where you can see the sign of Seishoen (left photo below), go straight (middle photo), turn left (right photo below), and you will get to Seishoen.







3131 Nishiasuma, Nishi Ward, Saitama City, Saitama Prefecture


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Business hours

 9am - 5pm

Regular holiday: Thursdays



Official Website

Bonsai making experience

1 day course: 12,000 yen

Replanting experience course (about 30 minutes): 2,000 yen

How to make a reservation

For the bonsai making experience, it is necessary to make a reservation by email within 5 days. Please check the official website for other details.

Email address for booking: