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  Explore power spots while enjoying sake created

in the nature-rich Nagatoro 



Explore power spots while enjoying sake created in the nature-rich Nagatoro


You can get to Nagatoro from Kumagaya by taking the Chichibu Railway for 50 minutes to “Nagatoro Station”. Nagatoro is one of the prefecture’s top tourist destinations. The main tourist attractions are all within walking distance of “Nagatoro Station”.

It is an area where you can experience Japan’s nature and culture at the same time including “Nagatoro Valley” that was designated as a national scenic spot and natural monument, the power spot “Hodosan Shrine”, and the sake brewery “Nagatorogura”. It is easy to get here so please come and have fun.


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【Nagatorogura・Former Arai Family House】

The first thing we will introduce is the sake brewery Nagatorogura. This traditional sake brewery was established 290 years ago and creates sake that utilizes the natural materials of Nagatoro. The rice and water used is all locally sourced from Saitama Prefecture. You can also sample junmaishu sake and take a tour at Nagatorogura.


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In addition to liquors, the shop also offers souvenirs such as dyed pottery, sake cups, and glasses. Please be sure to buy your sake here as a souvenir since it is a valuable thing that can only be obtained in Nagatoro due to small batches they make.


Also, the Former Arai Family House is across from Nagatorogura. It is a national designated important cultural property and is a preservation exhibit about sericulture farmers from about 250 years ago. You can also see the inside of the house and get a glimpse of the Japanese lifestyle at that time.


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〒369-1305 Saitama Prefecture, Chichibu District, Nagatoro, 1158

Business Hours

10:00am - 5:00pm

Regular Holidays


Phone number


Access (Train)

Take the Chichibu Railway from “Kumagaya Station” to “Nagatoro Station” for 50 minutes.

It is a 8 minute walk from the station.

Access (Car)

25 minutes by car from the Hanazono IC.

There is free parking lot.


【Hodosan Shrine】

“Hodosan Shrine” is 400m from Nagatorogura and is the first place in Saitama Prefecture to receive a star from the Michelin Green Guide Japan. It is said that Hodosan Shrine was created about 1900 years ago by Yamato Takeru and is known as a power spot throughout Japan. Many worshipers visit every year. It is also recommended that you pray for your country’s victory while sightseeing at this shrine.




【River Rafting】

When you visit Nagatoro, you cannot miss out on river rafting. It is an activity with over a 100 year history of going down the river rapids in a traditional Japanese boat.

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