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  Natsuume Yokocho (Fukaya Cinema)



“Natsuume Yokocho” is the ruins of a 300-year-old sake brewery. It is a place revived by the hands of citizens who wanted to recover its history as a flourishing “brick town”. Here is the “Fukaya Cinema”, which is the only cinema in Japan that was once a sake storehouse.


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Sake storehouse revived as a cinema

In Fukaya City, there are still brick buildings that were built between the Meiji and Taisho periods. The bricks are not only connected to the natural features of Fukaya, but also to Shibusawa Eiichi, a local hero (who is said to be the father of modern Japanese economy, worked to cultivate various industries, and established 500 companies that still exist today).


The history of bricks in Fukaya begins with the Nippon Brick Manufacturing Co., Ltd., which Eiichi established in 1887. The bricks produced here contributed significantly to the modernization of Japan and were used in buildings such as the Tokyo Station Marunouchi Main Store and the former Crown Prince’s Palace (now the State Guest House). Citizens stood up to preserve the history of such a city and revived the ruins of the 300-year-old “Natsuume Sake Brewery (七ツ梅酒造)” as “Natsuume Yokocho”.


Here, not only do they have the only movie theater in Japan in a renovated sake brewery, but also restaurants, grocery stores, old bookshops, and 14 other stores. Once you step inside, you can feel the retro Showa atmosphere where you can take in the nostalgia as if you had time slipped into the past. This area is also used in films and dramas and is visited by many tourists from outside the city.




Fukaya Cinema plays movies based on questionnaires from customers as well as documentary films and mini theater works. Depending on the work, they may put on an actual film screening.


【Inquiry・Contact Address】

Fukaya Cinema (NPO Corporation Citizen Theater F) (NPO法人 市民シアター・エフ)



〒366-0825 9-12 Fukayacho, Fukaya-shi, Saitama Prefecture

Phone Number





Business Hours

10:00am - 10:00pm


General: 1,100 yen

Person with a disability: 900 yen

High school students: 800 yen

Primary and junior high school students: 700 yen

Infant (3 years old or older): 500 yen

Parent and child room use fee: 1,000 yen

(If you have parent support shop special treatment card, entrance is free)

Regular Holiday

Every Tuesday


10 minute walk from the JR Takasaki Line Kumagaya Station (North Exit)

Points to note

Please email us for inquiries.