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  Seibu Railway New Express Train “Laview”



In March of 2019, the Seibu Railway new express train, “Laview”, began operation.

The Seibu Railway is the line that connects Saitama Prefecture’s main sightseeing spots with Tokyo. Whether you go to Kawagoe where the streets of Edo still remain, or see the shibazakura and other nature spots in the Chichibu area, you can get there by this express train.




The completely newly designed “Laview” has 3 concepts connected with its name.


1. (L) Luxurious space and comfortable like a living room

The seats are very wide and include soft backrests and headrests so you can feel at home while talking to your friends and family. In addition, there is a powder room and a diaper change seat so you will have no difficulty spending a lot of time on the train.








2. (A) You can reach your destination as quick as an arrow.

It only takes about 45 min from Shinjuku to the Hon-Kawagoe Station, and about 78 min from Ikebukuro to the Seibu Chichibu Station.


3. (View) Enjoy the view from the car window

The windows are large so you can relax and enjoy the view from the car window. When going to the Chichibu area, you can enjoy the transition of the scenery outside from the big cities of Tokyo to the rich nature of Chichibu.




When visiting the Kawagoe and Chichibu area, be sure to use “Laview” and enjoy your sightseeing slowly.