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Wabi-Sabi Festival


October 2018


Place of visit : Omiya Park

Occasion of visit: Wabi-Sabi Festival

Date : 13th October, 2018

Nearest station: Omiya-Kouen ( Accessible by the Tobu- urban park line from Omiya Station)




( The above picture is a shot of the shops who had put out small stalls of fried chicken , sausages on display for the passing pedestrians )


This was my 2nd visit to Omiya park after being elected as the love ambassador , my first visit being to the Omiya Park zoo last year. This place is at about a 15- minute walk from the Omiya-Kouen station and might seem pretty difficult to find because of the lack of directions or boards which can guide you to the place. Please refer to my previous article over here on this link to get to know how to access Omiya Park-

This article will tell you in detail , how to access Omiya Park.           




To begin with , let me first tell you what made me go to Omiya Park for the 2nd time on a chilly Saturday morning. This time , on account of the Wabi-sabi festival , I had come here mainly to check out the stalls on display of various food items, the atmosphere there in general during the festival and primarily for the Bonsai and Ikebana experience. I also tried wearing a Yukata , although not for the first time. Guess what , I met the Love Saitama Ambassador from Taiwan and Thailand as well, and we clicked a photo of us together !




People had come in large numbers with their kids mainly because of the vast expanse of the park , which seems an ideal place to take kids out on a weekend.

My Ikebana-taiken (Taiken translates to experience in English) began at about 2 pm. I was assigned a small pot made of clay , which had a sort of small brush -shaped object inside it with a lot of needles attached to it. It turned out to be the thing on which you insert flowers required for the flower arrangements. I had been given random flowers , which I was free to arrange on my own , as per my preference . Here is how it looked at the start , and how it looked after I completed my flower arrangement.




The above picture is what I started with. Here is how it looked at the end.




Okay , I wont bluff any more than this . I got help from the staff who guided me right till the end (Chuckle)


I also went to the Bonsai experience stall and look how I got my first ever Bonsai ready!




This hardly took 10 minutes, and you get a lush green plant to carry home with you .

There was also some kind of ancient Greek history play going on at the festival. Check it out from the below pic.




I also binged on some Choco-banana (Banana`s covered with hot chocolate coating ) and some sausages on display .






There were also many other shops which were on display which offered other kinds of Japanese cuisine and cultural experiences free of cost , with English simultenous interperetation available for foreigners.




These pictures pretty much sum up my visit on this day. I decided not to take pictures of the kind staff which helped me on that day to respect their privacy , but a big thanks to them as well. A fun Saturday spent!