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Let’s meet Crayon Shinchan in Kasukabe!


October 2018


Kasukabe City in Saitama Prefecture, the place where Crayon Shinchan lives! I’ll introduce 3 spots where you can meet Crayon Shinchan and experience his world in Kasukabe!


1 – Crayon Shinchan’s Theme song can be heard at Kasukabe Station platform!

Kasukabe Station on the Tobu Railway line uses the theme song from Crayon Shinchan as the melody announcing the departure of the next train. Also, the noticeboards on the platform and the signs around the station are decorated with the characters. When you arrive at Kasukabe Station you’ll be able to feel a warm welcome from Crayon Shinchan and all his friends.






shinchan_oct3   shinchan_oct4


2 – Take a picture with Shinchan!

For a limited time the Ito Yokado Kasukabe branch was converted into Sato Kokonokado, the main department store from Crayon Shinchan’s world.


To see what it looked like before, click HERE.




In this shop you’ll find photo spots set up and limited edition goods are also being sold!

For more information, click HERE.


shinchan_oct6 shinchan_oct7


Admission Fee


From 10:00 to 18:00

Address Ito-Yokado Store Kasukabe,3rd floor

1-13-1 Chūō, Kasukabe-shi, Saitama-ken 344-0067


5 minutes' walk from Kasukabe Station

About 45 minutes by train from Asakusa Station via the Tobu Skytree Line


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3 – Immerse yourself in the movie world of Crayon Shinchan at Shinchan’s Arcade!

 “Ge–sen Crayon Shinchan – Fierceness that invites storm – Buriburi Cinema Studios” is an amusement arcade where you can enjoy Japanese video games and skill crane games.



There are three main points of interest which incorporate the theme of Shinchan’s movie studio.


The first point is a special area which displays movie posters and props that appeared onscreen. There is even a monument imitating one scene from the movie! This is a must see!




shinchan_oct10 shinchan_oct11


The second point is that you can put on a uniform from Shinchan’s kindergarten and have your picture taken. They have also specially prepared a machine that turns your pictures into stickers. Since this shop is the only one which offers Shinchan picture frames we highly recommend putting on the uniform and having your picture taken here!




shinchan_oct13 shinchan_oct14


The third point is the skill crane game filled with stuffed toys of many characters which you can win.

You should certainly have a go!


shinchan_oct15 shinchan_oct16


To find out more information about this shop, click HERE.


Admission Fee



From 10:00 to 20:00


LaLa Garden Kasukabe, 3rd floor

1-1-1 Minami, Kasukabe-shi, Saitama, 344-0064


4 minutes' walk from Kasukabe Station

About 45 minutes by train from Asakusa Station via the Tobu Skytree Line


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To get to Kasukabe Station along the Tobu Railway line, it takes approximately 45 minutes from Asakusa or 40 minutes from Ueno. All the places we have introduced are within a 5 minute walk from Kasukabe Station. As transportation from Tokyo is very good we highly recommend taking a trip to meet Shinchan in Kasukabe while you are here.


*The merchandise and services shown in the pictures were relevant at the time of coverage, however, there is a possibility some things may have changed.


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