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Experience driving the E5 Series Shinkansen Hayabusa

at the Omiya Railway Museum




■On July 4, 2018, the new wing of the museum opened.

At the Omiya Railway Museum, the representative railway museum of Japan, a new area commemorating its tenth anniversary has opened.

The new wing is divided into areas that focus on railroad work, the history of railroads in Japan, and the future of railroads.

Upon entering the new building, the first thing visitors will see is the Shinkansen E5 series Hayabusa. The E5 is a model, but the interior is almost the same as the real bullet train. Visitors can experience the highest quality railroad cars in this new area.




■Experience driving the E5 series Hayabusa.

Since the area is new, we highly recommend the Hayabusa simulator.

Visitors can sit in the driver’s seat of the Shinkansen while watching the simulation video. The moment you hit the maximum speed of 320 km per hour while driving the Shinkansen yourself is the best feeling.






■Time-slip to each era at the history station.

In the history zone visitors can experience the railway system in Japan since its opening in 1872. Five periods of station buildings were reproduced for this area. Just looking at the transition of the ticket office is quite interesting. They paid a lot of attention to detail when making the simulation so you can make various discoveries.






■Railway work is not only limited to drivers.

What the railway museum wants to convey the most is that “railway work requires teamwork”.

For those who use the railway systems, you are familiar with the station staff and drivers, but there are many other jobs that cannot be seen from the outside. The museum uses models and images to easily convey these unseen workers.

This area also explains the future plans for Japan’s railroads. Visitors can make their own original avatar and learn through manga. There are also English subtitles available.







In addition to the new renovated area, visitors can see the latest railroad diorama, the first railroad “No. 1 Locomotive” in Japan, and you can drive mini trains that actually run on real railway tracks.

This is something you can take your time to enjoy for 1 full day, so please come and visit the Omiya Railway Museum.







Admission Fee

Adults: ¥1,300, Junior and senior high school students: ¥600,

Infants:(preschool children aged 3 and over): ¥300


10:00-18:00  (Admission until 17:30)


· New Year's Holiday
* Sometimes open on Tuesday during long school holidays such as spring break and summer vacation.


3-47 Onari-cho, Omiya-ku,Saitama-shi


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Public Transport

 ・Next to Tetsudo Hakubutsukan Station on the New Shuttle line


 ・10 minutes from "Shintoshin Nishi Entrance/Exit on the Metropolitan Expressway Saitama Shintoshin Route
 ・15 minutes from Okegawa Kitamoto IC on the Ken-O Expressway
 ・20 minutes from the Iwatsuki IC on the Tohoku Expressway

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