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Aeon Lake town at Koshigaya


So hello viewers! Shreyas Atre here. 


This article deals with my fifth and final visit as the Saitama Love Ambassador. Since I was dealing only with places mostly for kids (part of the reason being my fondness for kids) I decided to deal with a more sophisticated place designated for adult recreation.




It was the Aeon Lake town at Koshigaya where I decided to carry out my final visit. This place is basically a huge shopping mall spread over a large area . It is connected to the station Koshigaya Lake Town (you will see it as soon as you exit the station) in the sense that you won’t have to walk a lot from the station as you step outside. You will be greeted by this view as soon as you step outside.




Go up the escalator and keep on walking where the path takes you until. You will then enter the first part of the mall , Kaze .( Also means wind in English). There you will be greeted by a huge chain of brand shops dealing with mainly clothing , accessories, etc.

This mall is divided into 3 parts , basically all of them having shops selling branded clothes , footwear, restaurants , cafes and even a cinema hall. It even has places where you can take your kids to play (small game centres).

I will just post pictures randomly to give you all an idea of how it is inside since there were only a countless number of shops of which all of them cannot be described over here.




There was a cinema hall too .




There were not only branded wear shops but also shops which catered to people who were on a budget- second hand shops.




They even had a Cola machine from the 90’s which contained cola in glass bottles! Delighted!

They even had massage parlours.






An inside view of the mall.




You can get a rough idea of the kind of clientele this mall caters to, people looking for branded clothes and accessories, but who need a lot of options to choose from.

In the end I had my lunch at this beautiful place which was known for its delicacies made of Gyoza’s. (Meat dumpling)




So in conclusion this place is best suitable for those adults who need all their favourite brands in one single place , so they don’t have to take the pains to go to different places separately every time they go for shopping.


Address 【laketown-kaze】4-2-2, laketown-outlet, Koshigaya-shi, Saitama, 343-0828, Japan

【laketown-mori】3-1-1, laketown-outlet, Koshigaya-shi, Saitama, 343-0828, Japan

【laketown-outlet】4-2-1, laketown-outlet, Koshigaya-shi, Saitama, 343-0828, Japan
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