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The most fun park in the whole of Kanto Region.




Hi! I am Matthew Komljenovic, I study at Saitama University and love to travel, and make friends.


While I was in Chichibu, gathering information for an article on the Chichibu Icicles, I was driving and lost my way ending up in a random park. It didn't take me long to look around and realize that I had discovered something great, completely by accident.


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About a 15-minute walk from Chichibu station lies Muze Park, a huge park focused on recreation, with a Greek Mythology theme. The park is very long spanning 4 kilometers, meaning it might take a full day to fully explore. Muze Park in my opinion is the most fun park in the whole of Kanto Region offering the most amount of things I have seen possible in a park to date. Muze park is named after the Greek Mythology term “Muse” which describes one of Zeus daughters who are all Godessess of different elements. The park itself has different areas dedicated to each daughter and her respective element.




Admission fee Free
Opening Hours 24 Hours

〒368-0102  Saitama Prefecture, Chichibu District, Ogano, Nagaru, 2518

Official site


Starting from any entrance of the park, there are walking courses and hikes offering nice scenery of the bush. As you climb higher up to the main body of the park, the view of Chichibu City becomes more and more visible. Starting from the North side of the park, there is an observation deck next to another observation deck which has a very large slide. These two are next to a unique type of playground which is extremely fun to climb.  


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As you either walk, bike or drive down towards the south end of the park, you will past soccer fields, tennis courts, basketball courts, swimming pools and more. Halfway through the park, there is a large stage which would be used for events. Further down there is an amusement park, a rifle shooting range, a camping retreat, a Go Karting Track and a Forest Adventure Course, all of which can be participated in without any booking. The Go Karting Track was closed on the day that I went, so I didn't get to do it unfortuna電話y, but I found a 200-yen replacement you can see in the picture below. I did however do the Forest Adventure Course which I’ll write about below. Towards the south end of the park, there is a flower garden and bicycle rental centre at which you can rent tandem bicycles.


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Forest Adventure


fore1 fore2


Forest Adventure is an extremely fun and dynamic way of testing your climbing ability through a moderate to difficult obstacle course which runs through the trees at heights of up to 20 meters from the ground. The Forest Adventure Park is very relaxed, with no reservation needed, and courses can start immedia電話y upon showing up. The team is very friendly and help cater for people of all different skills. You begin with a quick briefing on how to use the harness and clips for rock climbing and flying foxes. They then throw you straight into the course which is a 2-hour set route climbing up and down the trees. There are ropes, bridges, walls, rings and other obstacles which you climb through to complete the course. Every now and then there is a flying fox which takes you to the other end of the course. The course is very safe and the instructors are quick to help if anything is needed. The course is exhilarating and extremely fun the whole way through. After completing the course, you feel a great sense of accomplishment and come out with newly learnt skills. I highly recommend the Forest Adventure to anyone with a sense of adventure, because it truly feels quite dangerous, even though it is entirely not.


Admission fee

Under 18:  3600 yen

Over 18:    2600 yen

Opening Hours Everyday, 9AM - 5PM

637-2 Kuna, Chichibu, Saitama Prefecture

Official site


 Sake Brewery and Museum


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From the south end of Muze Park, there is a sake brewery shortly after upon exiting, meaning it is very easy to access whether your walking, driving or riding a bike. The Chichibu Nishiki Sake Brewery and Museum offers a tour of the sake factory brewing room, a brewery museum and, a sake shop that holds a wide variety of sake. The tour teaches the step-by-step process used to make sake and how even though the technology used may have changed, they still use the same techniques that have been used for centuries, with the addition of newer technologies. The tour finishes at the museum, which you can enjoy at your own pace. The museum features a display of the brewing process but with the original tools and equipment that were once used to make sake many years ago. Following the museum, you can head back to the sake shop to purchase fresh sake that has just been bottled. If you’re not sure which sake to choose from, the shopkeeper is very helpful and informative. Overall this is a huge bargain at just 200 yen, and recommend everyone to jump on board while it’s still at this price.


Admission Fee

200 yen

Opening Hours Wednesday – Monday: 9:00 – 17:00
Address 1432 Bessho, Chichibu, Saitama Prefecture 368-0054