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The Omiya Park Zoo trip!



So hello viewers! Shreyas Atre here. 


This article deals with my 4th visit as the Tourism ambassador for the Saitama Prefectural Government to the Omiya Park Zoo, or the 大宮公園動物園。






Once you will enter the park you will see the following signs and following photos.

Since I clicked so many pictures I won’t post all of them in this one article but only some of them.

Firstly this will be your view toward your right. (Shown in the picture below.)




This will be your view towards your left.(Shown below)




I actually saw a hyena! And was able to click this splendid shot when he actually approached near me! (Gulp!)


  31-6  31-7


And all these pictures taken below to show you a glance of what I saw at the zoo.






Pigs in their sty ! And owls in their cages!


After I finished with my visit I decided it was time to have some beer and ramen at this wonderful place where the restaurant owner couldn’t help talking to me .


It was this place.




Overall I had a fun time and would recommend this place to adults and kids both.

This is also good for a family outing if you are on a budget since there are no entry fees to enter this place .

Even the food I ate at this diner was very cheap .


Address 4tyoume, Takahanacho, Omiya-ku Saitama-shi, Saitama, 330-0803, Japan
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Official site




This place is located at Omiya , the heart and the economic hub of Saitama so t will not be difficult to find .

It is accessible by car, bus or train . I personally for my visit , took the train .

This park is located near a station called the Omiya-koen, which is 2 stations apart from the JR Omiya station by the Tobe Urban Park Line.


31-11  31-12


After you reach the Omiya Park station you will be greeted by the following sight.




  Go towards your LEFT as you exit the station and then you will see the following sight.




Turn left again and keep walking straight until you see this sight. You will see this immedia電話y since it comes in view immedia電話y as you make your first left. Now turn right as instructed in the below figure.




Keep on walking straight until you arrive at this crossing. You will arrive in about 5-8 minutes if you walk at a brisk pace. Turn towards the left as instructed below and you will enter the Omiya Park.






You will be greeted by the above sight. Then turn towards your left and you will see a museum .

Although the museum is not shown in the picture below,it will be towards your right. Turn left at the below junction and then just keep going on straight .


31-18 31-19


As you keep on going straight and straight onwards you should be greeted with small signboards on your right which will indicate the directions towards the Omiya Park Zoo and you will also witness that there is a big pond towards your right.




Since the road curves to the right (as you will notice in the picture above) as you go farther and farther, follow the curve towards the right as shown by the arrow in the picture above. Then you will reach a point where there is a steep slope upwards splitting into 2 directions.




The take left turn and you will see a small amusement park. The zoo is located beyond the amusement park.

You will see signboards like the one above so you will not have any trouble finding the zoo from here on.