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A Visit to Seibu Amusement Park in Tokorozawa, Saitama



So hello viewers! Shreyas Atre here.


seibu1  seibu2


So this time as my official visit as the tourism ambassador I decided to pick a spot which fell into my favorite genre of tourist spots, amusement parks. Amusement parks are always that kind of place where people of all kinds of ages can be themselves, adults may go to see the beautiful illumination (which is there apparently, only in winter) while kids may have their own fun time in kiddy attractions like merry go rounds while young couples can go onto attractions meant for the comparatively older group of youngsters, such as the Ferris wheel shown in the above picture. (To which I will come again later onwards).


After entering the park you will get this kind of a view.




To your immediate left you will see a huge attraction which swings back and forth. To your front you will see a number of attractions and some eateries, and also a small bar! To your left again you will find a number of vehicles designed as shops. Here are the pictures -


     seibu4  seibu5


    seibu6  seibu7


I also tried testing the panorama mode in my mobile phone which has a really, really pre-medieval age old camera lens but has the panorama mode feature.


Maybe you can have a better idea with this shot.






seibu10  seibu11


There's more to the park than just attractions. There is even a small snow park, Water Park and a place where there is apparently illumination at night. (I could not get to see it since it was daytime). There is a huge range of steps which light up during the evening.


So this place has the perfect setting for a date spot , given that you come in the evening time. It has also got a Ferris wheel , (which I will come to later) which would give you the ideal setting for a romantic atmosphere.


seibu12  seibu13




Now comes the part where I became full of mixed emotions for a whole 20 minutes . This is the part where I rode the famous Ferris wheel all alone by myself , subjected to a lot of stares by the people aligned behind me as well the staff.


seibu15  seibu16


I was literally asked at one point , “ Okyakusama, ohitori desu ka?” Meaning “ Are you all by yourself today, sir?” Which actually made me wonder whether he was testing my sanity or he really thought I had come with someone. I actually did not have any plans on riding this thing before I decided to come here for my visit, it was spontaneous, and I felt that the view from the top would serve as a good material for my article. And I wasn’t wrong.






The view from the top was very pleasing to the eye.


However being alone in the Ferris wheel for 20 minutes was no joke . As you rise higher and higher you the silence in the cab makes you wonder what you are doing with your life. The silence and calm at the top of the Ferris wheel is heavenly – and eerie at the same time. But for all those who don’t want to feel lonely , I suggest you ride on the Ferris wheel with your special someone to enjoy the moment and not alone like me. Because I bet the atmosphere in the evening would be 10 times better and lively at the same time.




seibu20  seibu21


The next stop was the snow world.

Mind you that the photo to the right is taken at the easternmost point of the park so to get there initially you will have to keep walking towards the right as soon as you enter the park to reach this spot.

After that since I had exhausted almost all the primary attractions I decided to have some lunch and chilled beer. ( I normally don’t drink in the early hours of the day but the atmosphere was perfect for a beer).




And with that I ended my 3rd visit as an ambassador to the Seibu Yuuenchi.



 I would recommend using the trains for 2 reasons, the first being that the trains are super-convenient since the Seibu-Yuu-enchi Mae station is right in front of the amusement park entrance, while the second reason being that the trains are really fancy looking and riding them is a pleasant treat in the 21st century. What I like about Japan is that it always amazes me with its super-interesting well-balanced mix of modern technology and old-school equipment even today, especially when it comes to trains. For example, take a look at the trains you can ride when you have to get to the final station.


seibu23  seibu24


They are extremely different from the ones JR offers you and are old fashioned and their seating is the kind of one you get on bullet trains. They are the kind of trains you would want to ride on a nice, sunny day which is exactly what I did today and I very much was enjoying myself even before I reached my destination.


seibu25  seibu26


So here is the look of the final station, Seibu Yuu-enchi Mae. The station is so small that you won’t even get lost even if you try to so I bet you will find your way out to the main entrance easily. But since I don’t trust you guys I will just give you a simple idea of the path you will have to take till the entrance.


seibu27  seibu28


Voila! And there you are! Enter the gate and then you will find a small booth toward your right. There you will have to buy the entry tickets. Here are the prices of the tickets.




So basically there are two types of tickets ,

1.One day Free ticket: Which will get you unlimited access to all the rides inside the amusement park ( except for the rides in the snow world)

2.Normal entry pass: Which will get you a mere entry in the park but you will have the liberty to choose which ride you want to pay for. I would suggest the 2nd one for adults since there are a lot of kiddy rides inside on which you wouldn’t want to spend money on.


So I bought the 2nd one, which basically got me an entry into the park, which was for 1200 Yen.


Address  2964, Yamaguchi, Tokorozawa-shi, Saitama, 359-1145, Japan
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