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Mountain shrine and lovely fragrant wintersweet



I am Ms. A from the Saitama Prefecture Tourism Department.

February is still the cold season in Japan, but it is when I went to Nagatoro to see the flowers blooming.


\hodousan1 \hodousan2 \hodousan3


When you leave the retro-looking Nagatoro Station, you can see a big torii (Shinto shrine archway) in the distance.


\hodousan4  \hodousan5


Go through this torii, and keep going straight until you arrive at the “Hodosan Shrine”.


hodousan6  hodousan7


The Hodosan Shrine consists of shrines at both the foot of the mountain, and at the summit.

The grounds at the bottom has a large torii, a colorful shrine, and various sculptures.






Since I was going to climb to the summit, I prayed for no injuries at the shrine at the foot of the mountain. When praying, you throw money into the offertory box.


hodousan10 hodousan11 hodousan12 


Since I was climbing in February, there was still some snow on the path and the road was a little frozen in the daytime. If the road is really frozen, you will need “Crampons” to put on your shoes.


hodousan13  hodousan14


It will take about 1 hour and 10 minutes to get from the foot of the mountain to the summit. I took a break midway, but this mountain is easy to climb. You can enjoy the scenery while walking.


hodousan15  hodousan16


hodousan17  hodousan18


When you start to near the summit, you can see the torii above the stairs.

The okumiya (rear shrine) is located a little before this.


hodousan19  hodousan20


hodousan21  hodousan22


Compared to the richly colored shrine at the foot of the mountain, okumiya has a quiet appearance.

I arrived at the shrine safely, so I expressed my gratitude at this shrine.




hodousan24  hodousan25


Grilled oranges were sold close to the warm bonfire.


hodousan26  hodousan27


If you go to the left of the shrine, you can  see the fragrant wintersweet. When you go close to the tree, you can really smell the sweet aroma. The fragrance is not strong, but it has a clean scent that is similar to high class soap.


hodousan28  hodousan29






hodousan32  hodousan33


The flowers are yellow, the petals overlap each other, and are transparent in the sunlight, just like candy.


hodousan34  hodousan35


The scent of the fragrant wintersweet calms the mind, and I could feel my fatigue disappearing.


hodousan36  hodousan37


In Hodosan Shrine’s fragrant wintersweet garden, there are benches everywhere.

I took sandwiches and coffee to enjoy under the blooming trees.


hodousan38  hodousan39


I was tired, so I took the ropeway back down the mountain.

It was 480 yen for a one way adult ticket. (Roundtrip tickets are 820 yen for adults)


hodousan40  hodousan41




During the fragrant wintersweet season on Mt. Hodosan, the car comes in 10 minute intervals.

It takes more than an hour to climb down the mountain on foot, but the ropeway only takes 5 minutes.


hodousan43  hodousan44


At the summit of Mt. Hodosan, there are also plum blossoms in the fragrant wintersweet garden.

Please be sure to go flower viewing on Mt. Hodosan in February.




hodousan46  hodousan47


Ropeway ticket One way Adult 480yen ,Child 240yen

Round trip Adult 820yen,Child 420yen

(Child from 6 to 11 years old)
Ropeway Operating time

[1/11-11/10]Up 9:40-16:30 Down 9:40-17:00

[2/21-6/10,7/11-10/20] Up 9:40-17:00 Down 9:40-17:20

[Other]  Up 9:40-16:00 Down 9:40-16:30

Access by train
Address 2595, Nagatoro, Nagatoro-machi Chichibu-gun, Saitama, 369-1305, Japan
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