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“Seiun Shuzou Tamaiya”

is a restaurant and sake brewery that is close to Tokyo.

Come here to taste delicious Japanese sake and Japanese food.



Hello, I’m Ms. A from the Saitama Tourist Department.


I wanted to drink delicious sake, so I went to a sake brewery called “Seiun Shuzou” in Ogawa, Saitama Prefecture.


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The brewery has a chimney made out of bricks, and is Seiun Shuzou’s defining feature. This chimney was used to heat the rice that makes sake. Although it is not currently being used, it is still a well-known symbol of the town.




The “Tamaiya” restaurant is next to the sake brewery and serves dishes made with a lot of local vegetables harvested in Ogawa.




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After you are seated at your table, you will be given some sweets and water. This water is springwater that is also used to make sake.


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There are 3 different meals on the lunch menu, and I ordered the monthly special (月御膳) for 1,620 yen. You can choose from 3 main dishes in this set meal.

I asked the shop workers for their recommendation, and they said “the pork meal is quite excellent”.


The appetizers are buffet style and can be taken from the large dishes on the counter. Three varieties are offered on a daily basis.


seiun10  seiun11


I was also given one free glass of sake before the meal. The sake was just made that day, and was very strong and fragrant.




Since the food came shortly after, I was able to eat the pork while sipping at my sake. I felt the humble strength of the of the sake from the very beginning. The scent of the sake seems to wash the oil and salt from your mouth.




The pork in this dish was picked in miso and sakekasu before being grilled.

Sakekasu is the residue leftover from squeezing out sake from the rice. It softens the meat, which makes the pickled pork easy to bite into. The smell of sake is transferred to the meat and mixes well with the sake appetizer.


seiun14  seiun15


In addition to the pork, tofu and vegetables are mixed together and fried in oil to make hiryuzu, grated mountain yam and rice, and miso soup with a little sakekasu added are also included in the meal. The first bite may seem tasteless, but you will slowly taste the deliciousness as you keep eating.





seiun18  seiun19


The lunch set also includes dessert. The dessert that day was “sakekasu blancmange (type of gelatin)” that faintly smelled of sake and had a sweet taste.



After eating, I had time to visit the museum. On the second floor of the old warehouse, wooden sake barrels, ceramic bottles, and other “sake bottles” decorated the room.


seiun20  seiun21


If you make a reservation for more than 10 people, you can also observe how they make sake.


■Archive house

Lastly, you can buy items in the restaurant’s shop. Inside the shop you can try the sake making water that was offered in the restaurant.


seiun22  seiun23


I got a small bottle of sake as a souvenir. I recommend drinking this sake with your significant other when relaxing at home.




■ Access

It is an 8 minute walk from the Tobu Tojo Line’s Ogawamachi Station.

There is no transfer from Ikebukuro Station.

When you get out of the station, keep going straight.


seiun25  seiun26


seiun27 seiun28 seiun29


This street will take you to the prefectural road in about 3 minutes, then turn right at the “Ogawa Station entrance” intersection. As you continue on, you will see the red signboard of Seiun Shuzou.


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Open Tamai-ya 11:00-17:00 (Last order 16:00)

Tour of the museum 9:00-17:00

(Closed on Wednesday 12:00-13:00 )
Address   178-2, Otsuka, Ogawa-machi Hiki-gun, Saitama, 355-0328, Japan
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