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One hour from Tokyo! 6,500,000 colorful flowers bloom in the cosmos fields

and the Japanese Cappadocia・The Hundred Caves of Yoshimi tour





Hello! Chaso here!

Today I would like to introduce the autumn season in Yoshimi, Saitama.


First, let’s go see the cosmos, Japan’s representative autumn flower!


Cosmos are called “aki no sakura (autumn cherry tree)” in Japanese. The pink and white flowers sway sweetly in the autumn breeze, which is one of Japan’s representative autumn scenes.




 The beautiful cosmos welcome you, while they shine in the autumn weather’s clear blue sky.




On this Saturday of the second week of October, there is a cosmos festival that happens once a year that allows visitors to pick the flowers. During this period you can have a cosmos picking experience.


If you pay 300 yen at the reception desk, you will get scissors and a plastic bag to put the flowers in. After you are finished, return the scissors to the reception desk.


You can pick flowers to decorate your home with here.

Here you can create your own original flower bouquet to take pictures with.


Address 1762-1, Kubota, Yoshimi-machi Hiki-gun, Saitama, 355-0137, Japan
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Next let’s head to the Hundred Caves of Yoshimi.




The Hundred Caves of Yoshimi was created about 1,400 years ago and is Japan’s largest group of cave tombs. An ancient tomb refers to a grave that is in raised soil, and in East Asia they are usually built for a high ranked person or influential person. The Hundred Caves of Yoshimi is a famous sightseeing spot in Yoshimi and is known as Japan’s Cappadocia, due to its many holes that resembles the Turkish World Heritage site, “Cappadocia”.


In addition, there is also remains of an underground war plant (cave)that was built during World War II, that visitors can go inside. The inside of the cave is dim and chilly compared to the outside.


Furthermore, the plains near Tokyo is the only place where you can see the national natural monument, “Hikarigoke”, growing naturally.


This scenery is rare to see internationally, so if you take a picture there is no doubt that it will be talked about for a long time!

Please come and experience this historic and mysterious atmosphere.


Admission Fee

older than middle school: 300 yen, elementary school: 200 yen,

younger than elementary school: free

Opening 8:30am - 5pm, open every day of the year
Address 327, Kitayoshimi, Yoshimi-machi Hiki-gun, Saitama, 355-0155, Japan
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Official site


Please come and visit Yoshimi’s various attractions!

■Cosmos field access


From JR Ueno Station, go to the JR Konosu Station’s west exit, which should take about 50 minutes.



Get on the bus going towards Kawagoe and get off at Higashimatsuyama.


If you have an IC card, please touch the machine next to the entrance of the bus before you board. Those who do not have one can get a numbered ticket from the machine on the right side of the photo.


Ride the bus for about 15 minutes and get off at the 7th station, Hiki Yoshimi Nokyo Mae.

Those who have a numbered ticket will put the ticket and boarding fee (290 yen) in the price box. 


Get off the bus, head to the left and cross at the traffic light. Go further to the left and you will be able to see the cosmos field.


The pink color in the back is the cosmos field.

■The Hundred Caves of Yoshimi access route from the cosmos field


Return to the Hiki Yoshimi Nokyo Mae bus stop and get back on the bus. Ride it for about 20 minutes, and get off at the 9th stop, Hyakketsu Iriguchi. The fee is 210 yen.


Get off the bus, follow the street, and then cross the bridge on the right side.


Cross at the traffic light and go to the left, then proceed down the left hand side.


As you walk along the road, the entrance to the site will be on the right hand side.

Pay the entrance fee, then you can enter the hundred caves historic ruins.