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Pray to be blessed with a child at the Kou Shrine,

and eat Kawahaba Udon for lunch!



Hello, A.A. I am Saitama Prefecture Tourist Department Staff.        aikon




■Kou Shrine

There is an English saying, “to have a visit from a stork”, which means “to be blessed with a child”.

This legend seems to have originally came from Europe, but there is a shrine in Saitama where the Kounotori (Oriental stork) blesses people with children.


Kou Shrine in Kounosu, Saitama is a famous shrine where people wanting a child go to pray.


Once upon a time, a Kounotori couple made a nest in one of the large trees where the shrine currently stands. However, one day a snake tried to steal the Kounotori’s eggs. The couple fought bravely against the snake and won, keeping the eggs safe.

From that, people visit Kou Shrine to pray “to safely have children like the Kounotori couple in the legend”.




If you go up to the Hall of Worship, you can see statues of the Kounotori couple.

The sitting figure is the female Kounotori, who is keeping the eggs warm. The standing figure is the male Kounotori, who is keeping watch over his wife and eggs.

People who want to have a child and people who want to give birth safely touch the goshintai (object of worship) and pray here.


Also, visitors can buy egg shaped charms and offer up wooden plates with their wishes written on them.



               Kou Shrine

Address 1-9 Hommiyacho, Konosu-shi, Saitama, 365-0076, Japan
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Official site

Access Take the JR Takasaki Line to Kounosu Station.
It is an 8 minute walk from the East Exit of Konosu Station.


■Kawahaba Udon

After visiting Kou Shrine, I would like to introduce a rare type of udon.

This udon is called “Kounosu Kawahaba (river-width) Udon”. This item was created to resemble Kounosu’s Kawahaba, Japan’s widest river. These noodles can be found at the restaurant, Koyamaya Shokudo.




The width of this udon is about 8cm, but each piece is very thin.


If you carefully lift the udon with your chopsticks, you can see the tenderness of the noodles that resemble white silk ribbons.

First dip these noodles in a soy sauce based soup, then eat it.


                Koyamaya Shokudo

Address 5-9-2, Honcho, Konosu-shi, Saitama, 365-0038, Japan
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Official site

Take the JR Takasaki Line to Kounosu Station.

It is an 8 minute walk to Kou Shrine and a 5 minute walk to Koyamaya Shokudo.

You can see the walking route from the station from the Google Map link below.

Kounosu Station is about 45 minutes from Ueno Station.

These activities are all within walking distance from Kounosu Station.