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Kinchakuda’s Red Spider Lilies


Hello. I am Ms. A who will teach you about the sightseeing areas in Saitama.

September is when the cool wind begins to blow and the red spider lilies start to bloom in Japan.

Today I will introduce “Kinchakuda”, the number one place in Japan for cluster amaryllis located in Hidaka City, Saitama.




Guide map of Kinchakuda


As the years passed, Kinchakuda became encircled by the nearby river. The surrounding river resembles a kinchakuda, or “pouch”, hence the name.The red spider lilies can be seen from the middle to the end of September, and there is an entrance fee of 300 yen.


 Although it is before the entrance, you can already see the bright red flowers lining the riverside, as if they came to greet the incoming visitors.


Once you get inside, the ground is covered with many red flowers.
There are about 5 million flowers the spread out to create a carpet.


Since the red spider lilies grow in the middle of the forest, the temperature is a little lower from the outside area.It takes around 30 to 40 minutes to walk around, but you won’t get tired because it is cool.


If you look closely at the flowers separately, the flower blooms in a radiating shape from each stalk.

Since it resembles fireworks shooting into the night sky, it is also commonly known as the “firework flower”.

In Japanese Buddhism, there is a time of year called the equinoctial week where it is custom to think more carefully about the deceased. Since the red spider lilies bloom at exactly the same time as the equinoctial period, there are people who associate this flower with Heaven. However, when people see this beautiful landscape, a tranquil and warm image comes to mind instead of a sad one.

The red spider lilies means “passion” and “sadness” in the language of flowers. In Japan it has more meanings such as “reincarnation” and “looking forward to meeting again”.


The river surrounding Kinchakuda has clear water and is called the “Komagawa River”.
Since it is a shallow and gentle river, it is a popular place to boat and swim.


Address 125-2, Komahongo, Hidaka-shi, Saitama, 350-1251, Japan
Map Google map
Official site

・Hidaka city Kinchakuda management office (Japanese)

・Hidaka city Tourist Association (Japanese)



Kinchakuda is only a 15 minute walk from the Seibu-Ikebukuro Line’s Koma Station, a

nd a 10 minute bus ride from the JR Komagawa Station.
I used the JR Kawagoe Line to go to Komagawa Station.


Getting off at Komagawa Station. Front of the station.
Take the bus heading towards Kinchakuda Katamo-yuki.






Get off at the 8th bus stop called “Kinchakuda”. (220 yen)


 Head in the direction of the street. At the “Komahongo” intersection, turn left at the narrow path.


At the end of the path, turn right.


Follow this path and then turn left. From here you can hear the sound of the nearby river.