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 Tour of the Akagi Honjo-Senbon Sakura 5S Factory,

Where Garigari-kun is Made  (2019.11.7)



I am Chankoba and I will be telling you about the sightseeing areas in Saitama.       chankoba


Let’s take a tour of the production factory of the famous Japanese popsicle, “Garigari-kun”.

This sweet treat is also sold abroad in convenience stores in both Thailand and Taiwan.




Let the factory tour begin!

Inside the factory there are many hidden Garigari-kuns, see if you can find them all.

Garigari-kun is also hiding in the waiting room.




The tour starts with an informational video that shows the history of the Akagi Nyugyo factory

and how Garigari-kun’s design changed over the years.




Once you go through the door , taking pictures is prohibited so please be careful.

Products from each generation of Garigari-kun is on display in the room.




From here the tour of the production process begins.

You are able to see the whole production process, from the molding of the popsicles to the packaging.




The viewing corridor is decorated with drawings of Garigari-kun and the popsicle ingredients.




After the tour, you can try your favorite popsicle for free!




You can also play various games and try your luck at getting Garigari-kun out of the crane machines.




At the end of the tour, the factory gives out Garigari-kun erasers and folders as souvenirs.









Admission Fee

Free Admission

 Tour Time

approx. 90min


10:00~  13:00~  15:00~


850-10, Kodamacho Kodama, Honjo-shi, Saitama, 367-0212, Japan


Google map

Parking Lot (Free)


Official site

You tube


Factory access


【1】Tokyo ~ The nearest station

Take the Joetsu Shinkansen from Tokyo Station or Ueno Station to Kumagaya Station.

Change to the JR Takasaki Line at Kumagaya Station and get off at Honjo Station’s south exit.

The trip will take about 80 minutes.



【2】The nearest station ~ Factory


Take the number 2 Asahi Bus bound for Kodama Orikaeshi-jo.

Take a numbered ticket when boarding the bus. When getting off, insert the ticket and bus fare.

It takes about 25 minutes (Adults: 300 yen, Children: 150 yen) to get to the Kodama Orikaeshi-jo Bus Stop.


  Once you get off the bus, head in the east direction.

The Seven-Eleven traffic lights are straight ahead.

Cross over the bridge and the factory should be on the right-hand side.

The factory is about 1 km from the bus stop.



Tell the taxi to take you to Akagi Nyugyo. The fare should be about 2,500 yen.


【3】Access to the nearest station-Factory~ Honjo Station>

  • 1.Bus

Go back to the bus stop you got off at and take the bus headed to Honjo Station.


Tell the taxi to take you to Honjo Station. The fare should be about 3,000 yen.