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We are currently posting the best route that can take you to the tourist spots in Saitama Prefecture.

Since it is organized by transportation method (train, rental car) and by Discount Pass,

please be sure to refer to thiswhen planning your trip.

We highly recommend visiting the sightseeing spots in Saitama Prefecture using this reference model route.  



Information on good deals for sightseeing in Saitama Prefecture are posted.  



 We will introduce different routes and destinations according to each season, so please check it out.



Go from Kawagoe with its townscape of sake breweries that has traces of old Edo,

all the way to Chichibu and Nagatoro where you can enjoy nature by boating down the river or picking fruit.

See all of Saitama in a single course!



During the Rugby World Cup Japan Tournament, we will provide information on model sightseeing courses

between Kumagaya and Chichibu to tourists visiting Japan from abroad who attend the game venue in Kumagaya.
Please check out this link for details.