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The Starbucks of  Edo Kawagoe

Starbucks Coffee Kawagoe Kanetsuki Dori 


Introducing the new Kawagoe Kanetsuki Dori Starbucks Coffee, just 30 minutes north of Tokyo! The store opened for business in March, 2018 on first avenue Kawagoe City, Saitama's 'Little Edo', which boasts a beautiful cityscape with buildings unchanged since the 18th century Edo period.





Located just meters away from the Toki no Kane Time Bell Tower, the symbol of Kawagoe City, the shop's design blends seamlessly with the surrounding Edo-style scenery, decorated externally with Saitama-produced timber. The interior also perfectly captures a sense of 'traditional Japan'.






The color scheme of the shop's counter area was designed to reflect Kawagoe's Kurazukuri (Warehouse) District, incorporating black and white tones.



kawagoe starbucks03



The decorations lining the walls are made from the fusuma (sliding panels) of traditional Japanese houses, repurposed into tasteful framed works of art.



kawagoe starbucks04



Inside, the cafe's bench cushions are made using Kawagoe Tozan, the unique fabric used in the production of traditional Kawagoe Kimono. The design evokes an image of the streets of Kawagoe, filled with women strolling through the city in elegant kimono.



kawagoe starbucks05



Outside, the terrace seating area offers the ideal environment to relax and unwind while you drink your coffee and soak up the beauty of the surrounding Japanese-style garden.



kawagoe starbucks06  kawagoe starbucks07


kawagoe starbucks08 



If you time your visit just right, the iconic sound of the Toki no Kane Time Bell Tower, which has rang since the Edo period, can be heard from the terrace seating area. So stop on by for a relaxing cup of coffee and experience the rich Japanese culture and traditions that live on through Kawagoe City.



kawagoe starbucks09  kawagoe starbucks10


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15-18 Saiwaichō, Kawagoe-shi, Saitama Prefecture

Business Hours 8:00-20:00