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For Saitama, our flowed are a main attraction. Each season, you can see beautiful flowers,
as well as Chichibu's moss pink contrasting with the cherry blossoms at Gongendo Park.




                           新座市総合運動公園の菜の花201801  Canola Flowers at Niiza City General Sports Park


                           inasakuramatsuri01  Greenery Trust・Musenyama Sakura Festival 2018


                           fuji1  The Wisteria of Ushijima


                           gongendou1  Sakura at Gongendo Park


                           terasakaterracedfields1  Cluster Amaryllis at Terasaka Terraced Fields


                           asakaflowerfes  Kurome River Flower Festival


                           tenkupoppy  Scenic spot of the sky and flowers! "Tenku-poppy"


                           nightcherryblossom1  Let’s take a walk around the popular night cherry blossom spot where love comes true


                           yanase  Rows of Cherry Blossom Trees along the Yanase River


                           jomine1  Viewing Winter cherry blossoms and Autumn leaves together at Jomine Park


                           shibazakura1  The Air is Full of Spring with Chichibu's Shibazakura!


                           Niiza  Cherry Blossom Viewing in Niiza


                           redspiderlilliesbloom1  5 Million Red Spider Lillies Bloom in Kinchakuda


                           lavender1  Iris and Laventer Blue Festival


                           safflower1  Hundreds of Thousands of Safflowers Await In Okegawa


                           Inachoseishiko Memorial Park's Rose Garden1  Ina Town Rose Garden