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Cherry Blossom Viewing in Niiza


 There are many places to view cherry blossoms in the city of Niiza.

① There are about 170 cherry blossom trees stretching out for around 35,500 sq meters, creating cherry blossom wind tunnels when in full bloom.

② Sakae Ryokudo was selected as one of Heisei's (1989 to present) "Top 100 Bodies of Famous Rivers" in Japan. You can also see the cherry blossom recently discovered in 2014, the Myo'on Sawahatazakura, which is characterized by its many double white pedals.

③ At Atomi Gakuen Women's University, as many as 190 trees with 45 different species can be seen. In correlation with the time of blooming, the campus opens up to the public to let everyone enjoy the various kinds of cherry blossoms. 

④ Additionally, you can enjoy the cherry blossoms flowing in river streams. The Nobitameiyosui flowing in Honda Ryokudo is especially beautiful since it is littered with colors from various cherry blossoms. Also, in places like the Ichibasaka bridge and Kurome River, you can enjoy the cherry blossoms from every direction.

Please visit Niiza to enjoy the spring weather and beautiful cherry blossoms.








Admission Fee FreeAdmission
Opening 365days
(except Atomi Gakuen Women's University,undecided this year)
Best time End of March to early April
Address 【Sakae Ryokudo】5061-2,Niizuka,niiza-shi,Saitama,352-0013,Japan
【Myoonsawa】 1-12-15,Sakae,Niiza-shi,Saitama,352-0014,Japan
【Atomi Gakuen Women's University】1-9-6,Nakano,Niiza-shi,Saitama,352-8501,Japan
【Honda Ryokudo】2tyoume,Honda,Niiza-shi,Saitama,352-0022,Japan
【Ichibasaka Bridge】1-12-7,Sakae,Niiza-shi,Saitama,352-0014,Japan
Map 【Sakae Ryokudo】Google map
【Myoonsawa】Google map
【Atomi Gakuen Women's University】Google map
【Honda Ryokudo】Google map
【Ichibasaka Bridge】Google map
Access Tobu Tojo Line,JR Musashino Line,Seibu Ikebukuro Line
Asaka St,Asakadai St,Shiki St,Niiza St,Oizumi-gakuen St,Higashi-Kurume St
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