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Japanese traditional candle specialty store, "HAZE",

in Kawagoe where the streets of Edo remain


In Kawagoe, where the streets of Edo still remain, there is a specialty shop handling Japanese traditional candles

that is only 30 minutes from Tokyo.




The labor of making Japanese traditional candles are separated into three categories; making the wax, making the wick, and actually putting the candle together by hand.

The wax is made from the wax (Haze) of an urushika (Anacardiaceae) tree, and the wick is made from Japanese paper, cotton and igusa (soft rush), which is the same material used in tatami mats.




The last part of the process is done in the shop, which is the wax coating applied by hand, along with the color.

Thus, the completed candle’s light is alive with movement and has a gentle harmony that you can never get tired of.




The candles add color to the inside of the shop, and although it is very simple, the highly designed candles are put out on display. The shop manager, Toda, said that he “wants to make Japanese candles attractive among modern people”. 




Also, depending on how crowded it is, you might be able to experience candle making inside the store without reservations. Please stop by when you visit Kawagoe! 








(Jan,Feb 11:00-17:00)

Closed Wednesday
Address 1-12-6 Motomachi, Kawagoe-shi, Saitama
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