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Oshi-jo Omotenashi Kaccutai


Omotenashi Kaccutai" is imagined warriors corps of those days that assisting with hospitality, so that people visiting Gyoda City would become more familiar with this area.

They are now in their seventh year this year and they are still keeping up their momentum.
As well as their performances, talk shows and sightseeing PR,  participating events such as one day children's warrior experiences,events that allow adults to become armored warriors, and riding bicycle around with battalion troops are also very popular, so you can say exactly that  they're "Battle troops who you can go meet".

Pictures and images taken with them can be uploaded to your SNS freely,so you can post them to every corner of the world with the charm of Gyoda you discovered.






Admission Fee



9 am to 4:30 pm(Enter until 4pm) 


Monday(open on holidays)/Next days of holiday(open on weekends)/
Every 4th Fridays/New Year's Holiday


17-23, Hommaru, Gyoda-shi, Saitama, 361-0052, Japan


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