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Gyoda Tabi


Japanese Tabi divides your big toe with the other toes, which are unique to Japan.

It is made by splitting into two parts,and is the technique used for clogs and sandals.

Would it be easier to understand if we called them samurai socks?

Here, in the city of Gyoda is a traditional production plant for socks with a history of about 300 years.

In April 2017, it was registered as a Japanese heritage " the town  to keep supporting the feet of Japanese traditional culture".

In it's peak, it produced 80% of Japan's socks, and was called Japan's best of the best for socks.

Todoke trestles are scattered around the city and there are many souvenirs.


Please feel the craftsmen's "spirit" with traditional and innovative gem such as socks,

and tabi which are also suitable for wardrobes, running socks,

and other sock accessories, while surrounding unique treasures.








Address Oshi, Gyoda-shi, Saitama, 361-0077, Japan
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