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God of Victory! A demon enshrined at Kijin Shrine


Not many shrines in Japan cherish demons. Demons are associated with scary images in Japan, but the demon enshrined here is seen as a god.
There is even a protective charm in the shape of a demon’s club (a metal club with spikes).
It is said that the victory luck of people who pray at this shrine goes up so they are able to pass their upcoming exams.
Every year on February 3rd is the Setsubun Matsuri (Bean Throwing Festi...val for the end of winter) where people cheer out loud, “Fuku wa uchi! Oni wa uchi! Akuma soto!” (Bring good luck! Bring good demons! Leave devils behind!), and throw beans at red and blue demons.





Admission Fee

Free admission

Opening Always open
Address 1898,Kawashima,Ranzan-machi
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Public Transport

15 minutes on foot from Musashi-Ranzan Station on the Tobu Tojo Line


15 minutes from Ranzan Ogawa IC on the Kan-Etsu Expressway