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Rental Bicycles

Cyclutto Chichibu: Chichibu Area Sightseeing Rental Bicycles

See the sights of Chichibu on your bicycle
You can return bicycles that you have rented at "Cyclutto Chichibu" to any other cycle station.
Enjoy cycling casually with the freedom to drop off your bicycle anywhere!

  • Hours: 9:00 - 17:00
  • Closed: New Year's Holiday
    *Bicycle rentals and drop offs may be halted due to festivals, etc.
    *Please bring a photo identification card (driver's license, etc.) when renting bicycles.
  • Prices: Short Rental (2 hours or less) ¥300 (Electric: ¥600)
    Half Day Rental (4 hours or less) ¥500 (Electric: ¥1,000)
    One Day Rental (8 hours or less) ¥1,000 (Electric: ¥2,000)
    One Way Drop Off Fee: ¥500 (Electric: ¥1,000)
    Overtime Fee (per 1 hour) * ¥500 (Electric: ¥1,000)
  • Inquiries: Chichibu District Hospitality & Tourism Agency
    Address: 1-16-15 Nosaka, Chichibu-shi Chichibu Tourism Information Center 2nd Floor
    TEL: 0494-26-6260

Nagatoro Cycle Station (Nagatoro-machi Tourism Information Center in front of Nagatoro Station)

  • Address: 529-1 Nagatoro, Nagatoro-machi, Chichibu-gun
  • TEL: 0494-66-3311

Minano Cycle Station (Taxi Office in front of Minano Station)

  • Address: 971-10 Minano, Minano-machi, Chichibu-gun
  • TEL: 0494-62-0146

Ogano Cycle Station (Ogano-machi Town Hall, Ogano Office)

  • Address: 89 Ogano, Ogano-machi, Chichibu-gun
  • TEL: 0494-75-1221

Ryōkami Cycle Station (Public Hotel Ryōkami-so)

  • Address: 707 Ryōkamikomori, Ogano-machi, Chichibu-gun
  • TEL: 0494-79-1221

Chichibu Cycle Station (Chichibu Tourist Information Center in front of Seibu Chichibu Station)

  • Address: 1-16-15 Nosaka, Chichibu-shi, Chichibu-gun
  • TEL: 0494-21-2277

Ashigakubo Cycle Station

  • (Yokoze-machi Bukoh-san Tourist Information Center in front of the Roadside Station Orchard Park Ashigakubo)
  • Address: 159 Ashigakubo, Yokoze-machi, Chichibu-gun
  • TEL: 0494-25-0450