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Coedo Beer (Kawagoe City)


 18 Mar 2018

Coedo Beer is now Japan’s representative craft beer. Not only has it expanded within Asia (Shanghai, Taiwan), but it has also branched out to Europe, known as the birthplace of beer. The beer venture started in 1996. At the time of the beer boom, Kyōdō Shōji was a company that produced organic farm products. They incorporated their locally produced Beniaka, a type of sweet potato with a red outer layer and yellow inner, to create beer. Though the implementation of Beniaka was supposed to be put to an end, the organic product has been used again to create the Coedo Beer.




Rebranded Coedo Beer

Due to deregulation by the government, local beer has been created in the 90s for souvenirs of tourist destinations. Within the regions of Japan, various local beers were created with most breweries having the purpose of regional revitalization. Whether it be due to the lack of knowledge and skill, the number of consumers leaving accelerated, causing the boom to come to an end. Despite Coedo Beer born during the boom, artisans were invited from Germany to implement and become educated thoroughly on the latest brewing expertise. Though confident in the quality, due to the utilization of sweet potatoes in their products, it made it difficult to dispel the negative image. When Coedo Beer faced times of struggle, the current representative of Coedo Beer, Shigeharu Asagiri was assigned. In 2006 Mr. Asagiri made alterations to refine the brand by changing the name of Coedo Beer from小江戸 (Koedo) to コエド (Coedo) as well as changing the design of the brand’s logo from an illustration of Kawagoe’s landmark to one with creativity along with the implementation of Japan’s colors. Until now, this firm’s products had been referred to as local beer, however, after the renovation the craft beer was esteemed as a “small-scale brewery that produces beer with care”.


This beer brand has grown from a company that started with high hopes of “bringing agriculture to life” and “creating beer of good taste” to one that has fans both domestically and internationally. The 6 classic brands are now rated highly at exhibitions in Europe. Mr. Asagiri articulates, “The delicate taste that the Japanese have is reflected in the craftsmanship of beer, possibly leading to the alcohol to have a clean taste without any flaws.” In 2016 the brewery moved making Mr. Asagiri the principal. He conducts a fun and instructive brewery tour alongside with events during the Hanami season. In addition, the local Kawagoe based beer brewery has been making contributions to the local community of Kawagoe.


Process of Production

1. After crushed malt is separated to sugar and malt residue, the malt is placed in a spin-dryer for dehydration.

  • coedobeer3
  • 2. Natural soft water is added to the malt crushed in step 1 and is heated. After saccharification, the residue of the malt is removed. Then hop is added to the wort to give the beer-like scent and bitter taste and is boiled.  
  • coedobeer4


3. Yeast is then added to the wort and beer is created through fermentation and aging in the barrel. 







Address/How to Access

Kyōdō Shōji Co., Ltd. COEDO Craft Beer Brewery

〒355-0008 1352 Ōya Higashimatsuyama, Saitama

15 minutes by car from Fukiage Station on the Takasaki Line.

10 minutes by car from Higashi Matsuyama Station on the Tōbu Tōjyō Line.



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Other Points to be Addressed

¥ 1,500 with drink and food samples


A Cafe to Taste Coedo Beer

Cafe Elevato(Kawagoe City)