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Ichiro’s Malt(Chichibu City)


18 Mar 2018

Ichiro’s Malt is world-renowned, and is now the new breadwinner of Japanese whiskey, making it an alcohol high in demand domestically. Based off the traditional methods from Scotland, the birthplace of whiskey, the whiskey is distilled carefully by hand. The fineness of Chichibu’s weather creates the thick taste and rich aroma of the whiskey, holding one captive with one sip.


The Taste Made by The Heavy Difference in Temperature and Humidity

Surrounded by mountains, Chichibu is a typical basin. With summers being extremely hot and winters being exceptionally cold, the great disparity in temperature can cause dense fog in Chichibu. However, this weather promotes the tree barrel with the whiskey inside to breathe, stimulating the whiskey to age. It is said to take 5 years for the whiskey to mature in Scotland, but at Chichibu, the whiskey can be brought to a taste with substance in just 3 years.

Venture’s Whiskey, which distills Ichiro’s malt is located in an environment best fit for making whiskey.

Venture’s Whiskey’s motto is “back to tradition”, hence adopting the methods of whiskey production from the 1960s that have been evaluated to be optimum to produce a tasty whiskey. This method is one that creates whiskey with utmost care, making it difficult for large companies to imitate, making those from the birthplace of whiskey envious. As of now, many entrepreneurs from the food/drink industry as well as bartenders come visit. 


A characteristic of Ichiro’s Malt is that it can be enjoyed both by itself as well as with food. Abroad, it is common to drink whiskey post meal, however in Japan, whiskey is often diluted with water and/or soda and is drank alongside meals. Noticing these differences, the production of Ichiro’s Malt has been thought through to match with the concept of whiskey being ingested alongside food. It is also recommended that the whiskey be diluted with hot water and drank alongside dishes such as sushi in the cold winter.


Brand ambassador Mr. Yoshikawa states, “The whiskey we currently drink are ones that were made from someone in the past. We have the responsibility to leave the whiskey culture for future generations.” The legacy is not something that can be made in a short period of time. Thus, undertaking the preparation of whiskey production for the future with utmost passion.


Process of Production

1. Saccharification

The germinated barley is sorted out by machine and by hand. Then, the crushed malt is sent into a tank and is mixed with hot water to create a broth out of barley. In the beginning the water is adjusted to a heat of 64 degrees and the second at 76 degrees. For the third round, the hot water utilized previously in preparation is added to create a Mille-feuille layer for separation. An enzyme makes starch and saccharification progresses.



  • 2. Fermentation

Add yeast to barley broth made in step 1 and let it ferment to make unrefined sake. After one day of fermentation, the unrefined sake made of Mongolian oak will possess an aroma unique to whiskey.



3. Distillation

After transferring the unrefined sake to a pot still, distill the alcohol twice, raising the concentration to approximately 60 to 75 degrees.



4. Aging

Fill the alcohol into a barrel and let it age. Ichiro’s Malt intentionally utilizes the structure of the dirt floor by creating a shelf on the dirt and lining up the wooden barrels. The blender then controls the quality by measuring the amount of aging and blends accordingly.





Address/How to Access

 〒368-0067  Midorigaoka 49 Chichibu, Saitama

20 minutes by car from Minano Station on the Chichibu Railway.

電話 0494-62-4601


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