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Nagasawasyuzo Co., Ltd.

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Nagasawasyuzo Co., Ltd.


Nagasawasyuzo, standing by the Koma River, is well-known for its sake “Komaou”, which shares the luck of Koma Shrine, popular as a power spot. It proudly presents tasteful local sake, produced using good quality water, closely examined rice and traditional techniques. At the Sake Brewery Fair, held in March, June and December, you can not only see the malt rooms, which is usually not open to public, but also enjoy events only available at breweries.


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TEL 042-989-0007
Address 335, Kita-Hirasawa, Hidaka City
Access Take bus from JR Komagawa Station to Kitahirasawa bus stop (1-minute walk), or take a taxi.
Parking Available for 25 cars (large vehicles ok)
Closed Irregular holidays


(How to book your visit)
Contact by phone (10:00~17:00)
Hours 10:00~16:00
Capacity up to 30 people (negotiable)
Time required about 30 minutes
Notes Reservation required. No Smoking.

information around the area

Koma Shrine

phone Koma Shrine office  042-989-1403

This shrine worships the king from Goguryeo (Korea). This place is also known as bringing success to prayers based on the facts that Mr.Ichiro Hatoyama and other polititians became the Prime Minister after visiting the shrine. There are around 500,000 visitors each year.
833, Nihori, Hidaka City
About 20 minutes’ walk from Komagawa
Station on JR Hachiko Line and
Kawagoe Line
About 45 minutes’ walk from Koma
Station on Seibu Ikebukuro Line
Normally open
Koma Shrine1


Restaurant Saiboku

phone 042-985-4272

Pork cutlet made from Golden Pork Loin, using pork grown in in-house ranches or ranches of the same group, allows you to enjoy the real taste of pork.
546 Shimooyazawa, Hidaka City
Take the Tobu Bus from Tsurugashima Station (west exit) on the Tobu Tojo Line, bound for “Saiboku Hamu” and get off at the last stop.
Open hours on weekdays: 11:00~19:00 (Last orders at 18:00)
Open hours on holidays: 11:00~21:00 (Last orders at 20:00)
Closed on Wednesdays, open every day in July and December
Open on national holidays
Restaurant Saiboku1Restaurant Saiboku2