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Bukousyuzo Co., Ltd.

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Bukousyuzo is famous for its high-quality sake brand, which is brewed using water selected as one of the 100 Exquisite and Well-Conserved Waters of Heisei Period. Its history goes back to 1753, and the traditional brewing procedure has been inherited until today. The guided brewery tour (available for 10 people or more) will take you through the well, the rice-cleaning mill and the brewing granary, and you will also have a chance to taste sake. Its building, with lots to see ? the strong, wooden pillars and the roof made from chestnut trees ? is designated as registered tangible cultural property.









TEL 0494-22-0046
Adrees 21-27, Miyakawa-cho, Chichibu City
Access 3 mintues’ walk from Chichibu Station on the Chichibu Railway
Parking Available for 10 cars (large vehicles ok)
Closed Closed:January 1st, temporary closures


(How to book your visit)
Contact by phone (8:00~17:30)
Hours 8:00~16:30
Capacity 10 people or more
Time required 40 minutes
Notes Tours sometimes may be unaccepted depending on its work schedule


information around the area

Hitsujiyama Park・Shibazakura Hill

phone The Tourism Division of Chichibu city 0494-25-5209

A park located on the top of a small hill where you can get a whole view of Chichibu City. Famous for the moss phlox, which is called “Shibazakura” that are planted all around. Many tourists visit during April to early May, when the Shibazakura are at their best.
6267 Ohmiya, Chichibu City
20 minutes’ walk from “Ohanabatake (Shiba Zakura)
Station” on the Chichibu Railway, or “Seibu Chichibu
Station” on the Seibu Chichibu Line
Open hours: 8:00~17:00
Fee: 300 yen (Free of charge for children under the age of 15)
※ The entrance fee is charged only for the season when the Shibazakura are at their best.
Hitsujiyama Park・Shibazakura Hill


Tea-house Restaurant Shunka-shuto

phone 0494-21-3388

The organic vegetables used in this restaurant are pesticide-free vegetables produced in their own farm, or purchased every morning from reliable farms. They are particular about the original flavor of the ingredients.
1-7 Miyakawa-cho, Chichibu City
Ziba Sangyo Shinko Center (2nd floor) 2 minutes’ walk from Chichibu Station on Chichibu Railway
Closed: Wednesdays (If falls on a national holiday, open on Wednesday and close on the following day)
Tea-house Restaurant Shunka-shutoTea-house Restaurant Shunka-shuto2