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A Restaurant to Taste Fueki Shōyu


Unton-dokoro  “Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter”(Kawagoe City)

Unton-dokoro (うんとんどころ) “Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter” (しゅんかしゅうとう) (Kawagoe) has warehouses lined up and is a popular tourist spot in Kawagoe. Located on a segment of the street is a udon shop named “Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter” run by Fueki Shōyu”. The predecessor of the current owner started the udon shop with the desire of having people taste the soy sauce’s flavor and scent with their five senses. In addition, home-made udon and cubed pork (stewed in soy sauce and sugar) made with the rich taste of brewed (かもす) soy sauce “Kinbue” (きんぶえ)as well as sweets can be enjoyed at the same store. The “Kaki-age-men” or “Kakiage noodle” comes with a very large tempura and is the most popular dish (¥ 1.080). It is most common for the Kakiage, or the tempura with a mix of scallop, shrimp, and sweet potato to be put on the udon when eating.


If you ever visit, please try out the different types of soy sauces available and compare them. Let’s try and compare the 3 distinct types of soy sauce on the table by adding each to the Kakiage and enjoy the flavor each of the sauces bring. Then drink the soup of the udon and savor a completely different taste of soy sauce. You’ll be surprised.


Other than these dishes, there are sweets that incorporate soy sauce into jellies and ice cream. Not only can soy sauce be utilized for meals, but for sweets as well!








Address/How to Access

〒350-0063 10-5 Saiwaicho Kawagoe, Saitama

Seibu Shinjuku Line | 14 minutes on foot from the East Exit of Hon-Kawagoe Station

Koedo Tour Bus (① Going to Kuranomachi First Course / ② Going to Kita-in First Course) | Take the “E14 Kuranomachi” stop and you will arrive shortly after you get off.

Tōbu Bus | Get off at “Butano-tsuji” and walk for a minute.



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Opening Hours


11:30~16:00(Afternoon Tea)

Official WEB
Holidays None
Reservation Only make a reservation if you can come in by 11:30.
Total Price per Meal 1000~2000yen
Other Points to be Addressed English menus are offered. Credit cards and e-payments are not accepted.