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Fueki Syoyu Brewing (Kawajimamachi)


 18 Mar 2018

In December 2013, “Washoku” Japanese cuisine was registered as UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage. One of the most important seasonings used in “Washoku” is soy sauce, which is made from fermented soy beans. Fueki Syoyu Brewing first started producing soy sauce in 1789 in Kawajimamachi in Saitama Prefecture. Kawajimamachi is an area abundant in grain production which is surrounded by rivers. Since they were first established, more than 220 years ago, they have continued to protect traditional brewing methods.  





Aiming to become, “The soy sauce storehouse that produces Japan’s biggest smiles”


Even though there are many soy sauce storehouses, Fueki Syoyu Brewing’s characteristic of using a Japanese cedar barrel in the ageing and fermenting process is what makes it so special. Bacteria settles in the fibres of the wood creating a full bodied and rich tasting soy sauce when allowed to thoroughly ferment. 


During their long history, they have also tried using stainless steel barrels. Recently, however, the number of storehouses trained to use wooden barrels in the brewing process has been decreasing year by year and as a well-established business they felt a strong desire to preserve traditional brewing methods for future generations. As a result of this desire, they returned to a wooden barrel brewing style. In 2016, they gathered artisans from all over Japan to create brand new wooden barrels. In 2018, they created the first giant wooden barrel using materials only found within Saitama Prefecture.


After that, they decided to create a new project they called, “Connecting the future – 100 year project”, where primary schools located within the prefecture have special lessons about food education. The students have the opportunity to plant and harvest soy beans alongside farmers and to experience making soy sauce. With a goal of, “Creating a dining table where everyone smiles”, they continue to strive towards making delicious soy sauce in order to pass on “Washoku” and fermented food culture to future generations.


Manufacturing Process

1 – Making Koji (a special type of mould used to produce soy sauce)

Cooked wheat from Saitama Prefecture is ground with steamed whole soy beans and mixed with varieties of Koji mould. Craftsmen control the temperature and level of humidity in a special cellar and allow the Koji to ferment for 3 days.


2 – Fermentation and Ageing

Salt water made from sun-dried Mexican salt dissolved in water is added to (1) to create “moromi” (unrefined soy sauce) and allowed to ferment and age in this state. The production process at Fueki Syoyu Brewing is based on traditional methods using a Japanese cedar barrel with a diameter of 270 cm and a height of 220 cm. The mixture is allowed to ferment and age in these barrels for two summers.



3 – Straining

The “moromi” that has been allowed to age is put into a compressor and slowly strained for 3 days.



4 – Pasteurization

In order to stabilize the quality of the strained soy sauce mixture and enhance its characteristic aroma it needs to be heated, sterilized, and filtered. (For pure soy sauce, the heating process is skipped and only the filtering process is carried out.)






Address/How to Access

〒350-0152 Hiki-Gun, Kawajimamachi, Kami Igusa 660

JR Kawagoe Line / Tobu Tojo Line Kawagoe Station

Approx. a 5 min walk from Igusa Gakko Mae bus stop (in front of Igusa School) on the Tobu Bus Line departing from Kawagoe Station



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Opening Hours


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Tour Dates and Times

Weekdays only (Closed on Weekends, National Holidays, and the New Year’s Holiday Season)

Tour Length

Approx. 60 – 80 mins

Tour Participants

Please note that there is no interpreter available

Reservation Requirements

Please make reservations by telephone, fax, e-mail, or application form available at our website at least one week before the desired tour date.

Please let us know the desired date and time of the tour at the time of booking, as well as the number of participants.

電話:049-297-0041 FAX:049-297-5978

Minimum Number of Participants One person
Maximum Number of Participants 20 people
Note Participation in the tour is free of charge.


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