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Gyoda Tabi Socks
(Tabi Museum)

Gyoda Tabi Socks photo
Gyoda Tabi Socks

The city of Gyoda has been renowned for making tabi socks since the Edo period, and was known as the "Number 1 Tabi Maker in Japan", producing 80% of Japanese tabi socks. The Tabi Museum, where you can make your own original tabi, opened in 2005. At the Town Museum, opened in 2009, you can find out about tourist attractions in Gyoda and tour the Kuridai Warehouse history gallery.


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TEL 048-552-1010 (Town Development Museum) 
Address Gyoda 5-15, Gyoda
Access (1) 5-minute walk from Chichibu Railway Gyoda station south exit
(2) From JR Takasaki line Fukiage station north exit roundabout
- 1-minute walk from Asahi bus, Maeya Keiyu, "Shoko Center Mae" stop
- 3-minute walk from Asahi bus, Sama Keiyu "Shin-machi 1-chome" stop
Parking Parking for 30 vehicles across from the Shoko Center
Closed Open only on Suturday and Sunday


(How to book your visit)
Phone: 048-556-5171/ Saturday and Sunday, 10:00-15:00 only
* Please inquire by e-mail at other times
Hours 13:00-15:00 on the second Sunday of each month
Capacity Maximum 4
Time required 2 hours
Notes Entry fee: ¥2,500


information around the area


Oshi Castle

phone Gyoda City Tourist AssociationPhone icon048-556-1111 (ext.382)
Oshi Castle was built at the beginning of the 1460s and is one of the 7 best castles in the Kanto region. It survived the Civil War era, holding out even in the battles with Uesugi, Houjou, and Ishida.
17-23 Honmaru, Gyoda, Saitama
15-minute walk from Chichibu Railway Gyoda station
By car:
30 minutes from Tohoku Expressway Hanyu IC
40 minutes from Ken-O Expressway Okegawa-Kitamoto IC
Hours: 9:00-16:30 (last entry 16:00)
Closed: Monday (open on holiday Mondays), day after holidays (open Sat/Sun), every 4th Friday (open during special exhibitions), New Year holidays
Entry fee: adults ¥200 (¥160 for groups), high school and college students ¥100 (¥80 for groups), elementary students ¥50 (¥40 for groups)
Oshi Castle1


Tambo Art (Kodai Hasu No Sato (Ancient Lotus Park))
048-559-0770 (Kodai Hasu Hall) 

Tambo Art uses rice paddies as the canvas to create words and pictures using different colored rice plants. In 2015 it set a Guinness World record for the "largest rice field art".


Ooaza Kobari 2375-1, Gyoda

Gyodo city loop bus from JR Takasaki line Gyoda station south exit
Gyoda city loop bus from Chichibu Railway Gyoda station south exit


Hours: 9:00-16:30 (last entry 16:00)
Closed: Monday (Tuesday if Monday is a holiday)
Entry fee for Kodai Hasu Hall: Senior high school and up, ¥400; elementary and junior high school, ¥200
*Opening hours may change during special events

Tambo Art (Kodai Hasu No Sato (Ancient Lotus Park))1