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Matsuzaki Daruma Industry

Matsuzaki Daruma Industry photo
Matsuzaki Daruma Industry


Daruma, well known as a lucky charm, are paper dolls/toys modeled after Zen meditation posture by Bodhidharma, a founder of Zen from South India. In Japan, it is usually painted with red, but shapes, colors, and materials may differ from area to area. Koshigaya Daruma's history can be traced back to the middle of the Edo period, and its white face with cute nose makes Daruma more refined and elegant.


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Matsuzaki Daruma Industry2


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TEL 048-975-1121(Koshigaya City Tourist Society)
Address 1312, Shimo-makuri, Koshigaya City
Access 7 minutes’ walk from Obukuro Station(East exit) on Tobu Skytree Line
Parking Available for 5 cars (please contact in advance)
Closed Closed: None, (April~October) Sundays


(How to book your visit)
Contact by phone
Hours April ~ October (13:00~17:00)
Capacity Max. 20 people
Time required please contact