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Kuboseishi Ltd.

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Important Intangible Cultural Property "Hosokawa Paper" preserved in Ogawa Town and Higashi Chichibu Village is listed in UNESCO's Intangible Cultural Heritage as a traditional technique passed on from generation to generation. In 1913, Shotaro Kubo’s Papermaking Studio opened as a place to manufacture handmade papers, and until today, they are producing a variety of Japanese papers including Hosokawa paper. You can see the processes such as the preparation of materials, heating, beating, papermaking, and drying.














TEL 0493-72-0436
Address 1116-2 Ogawa, Ogawa Town
Access Take the bus from the Ogawamachi Station on the Tobu tojo Line/JR Hachiko Line, and get off at "Dentoukougei kaikan-mae", 1 min walk 15 minutes’ by car from Kan-etsu Expressway Ranzan-Ogawa IC
Parking Available for 10 cars (3 large vehicles ok)
Closed Closed:Mondays, summer holidays, New Year’s holidays.


(How to book your visit)
Phone: 9:00~12:00, 13:00~16:00
Hours 9:00~12:00, 13:00~16:00 (For the papermaking, please arrive one hour before the end of Acceptable Hours.)
Capacity Maximum 30 people
Time required Tour 15 mins~60mins、Papermaking 60~120 mins


information around the area


Saitama Traditional Craft Center
phone Saitama Traditional Craft Association 0493-72-1220

30 items from 20 locations specified as traditional crafts of Saitama, such as handmade Japanese paper, woven fabric, handmade carp pennants, hina dolls, battledore, and dyed textiles, are on display.
You can see the Japanese paper-making process at the studio, and also experience papermaking yourself. For a group of more than 10, reservation is required. (Papermaking Fee: \280~\1050 / 7 types) You can buy Japanese papers as well.
1220, Oaza-Ogawa, Ogawa Town
40 minutes walk from Ogawamachi Station on the Tobu Tojo Line / JR Hachiko Line 1 minute walk from "Dentou Kougei  Kaikan-mae" stop (by bus from the station) 10 minutes by car from Kan-etsu  Expressway Ranzan-Ogawa IC
9:30~17:00(entry by 16:30)
Adults (high school and over) \300 Children (primary & middle school) \150
 * You can use the parking, restrooms,  and public phones 24hrs
Closed: Mondays, the day after public holidays, and New Year holidays.
Saitama Traditional Craft CenterSaitama Traditional Craft Center2Saitama Traditional Craft Center3