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Chichibu Fruit Farm (Chichibu City)


18 Mar 2018

The Chichibu region of Saitama Prefecture is filled with both mountainous districts and basins creating an ideal place to cultivate fruit trees. Chichibu Fruit Farm offers you the opportunity to enjoy freshly-picked fruit in this bountiful area. Each season brings different fruit for you to enjoy at this Agro tourism farm, such as grapes from the beginning of August to the end of October and strawberries from the end of December to the middle of May.





The leisure activity everyone can enjoy

Chichibu Fruit Farm was first established in Kagemori, Chichibu City three generations ago as a grape farm. At present, the grape cultivation area is 120 ares (12000 sq. m.). During the winter, I had the pleasure of seeing the grapevines, which are just waiting for the next growing season to arrive. The ground underneath the grapevine trellises is very soft and sinks under pressure when stepped on. The trellises are covered with branches that stretch out from the main trunk in all directions. They use organic farming methods such as compost and microorganisms rather than chemical fertilisers and herbicides to keep the soil in the best condition.  


Next, there is a 20 are (2000 sq. m.) wide strawberry house. Seven greenhouses are combined together creating a large open space overflowing with sunlight filled with countless rows of juicy, bright red strawberries. Several varieties of strawberries lie patiently waiting to be plucked.


Before starting our all-you-can-eat strawberry picking, the third generation head Mr. Masayuki Arai cheerfully explained the rules of the greenhouse and varieties of strawberries to all the guests. “The strawberries are, of course, delicious! We sincerely hope our guests will be able to relax and enjoy themselves while strawberry picking.”

His words filled every corner with hospitality and consideration.


The strawberries are grown on raised planks at a height of 1 m. The perfect height for easy picking! The aisles are wide enough that families with small children and people using wheelchairs can easily maneuver through them and pick strawberries. Recently, many Agro tourism farms are converting to barrier-free buildings to make them truly accessible to people of all generations.


At the entrance to the greenhouse there are many cute illustrations explaining the best way to pick and eat strawberries as well as the rules of strawberry picking. Explanations are provided in Japanese, Chinese, and English making it easier for foreign tourists. They have even drawn many pictures to help children easily understand.








Address & How to Access


Chichibu City, Shimokagemori 877-1

Approx. a 25 min walk from Seibu Chichibu Station.

Approx. a 15 min walk from Chichibu Railway Kagemori Station.

Approx. a 1 min walk from Tanosawa Iriguchi bus stop and a 3 min walk from Asahicho Kokaido Iriguchi bus

stop departing from Seibu Chichibu Station bus stop.

電話 0494-23-2711

Map Google Map
Opening Hours 9:30am – 3:30pm
Official Website

Strawberry Picking Season End of December – Middle of May
Time Available to Strawberry Picking 30minutes
General Tour No Tour available

Overseas visitors welcome

No interpreter available
Reservation Requirements

No reservation required

First come first served basis

Minimum Number of Participants 1
Maximum Number of Participants 40
Other points to be addressed

For more information please visit our website.