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Saitama Stadium2002

Saitama Stadium 2002, one of the venues for football games in the Olympics, is the largest football specific stadium and was used as a venue for the 2002 FIFA World Cup.
This stadium is recognized as the home field of the J league team, Urawa Red Diamonds and loved by citizens with the nickname “Sai Suta”. In the vicinity there are 3 sub grounds, 2 courts for futsal (five a-side) and this area is organized as “Saitama Stadium 2002 Park”, becoming the spot representing “Saitama as a Football kingdom”.

15 minute walk from “Urawa Misono Station”of Saitama Railway

  • View of the Saitama Stadium taken from the air.
  • The short distance between audience seats and pitch makes football games exciting.
  • Locker room for players also used by historically famous Japanese players.
  • Glorious ball room where champions are interviewed and press briefings are held.

Facilities information

Feature The largest class football specific stadium in Asia and Japan
Others Stock room, rainwater reclaim facilities, solar generation
Website http://www.stadium2002.com/
Elevator 11 units (including 7 units for wheelchair)
Seat number 63,700 seats (including 150 seats for wheelchairs)
Escalator 9 units
Turf pitch 68.0m×105.0m
Pitch lighting Average 2,000 lux
Large video display 2 units (installed on the south and north side stands; 10.2m high×23.6m wide