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Saitama Super Arena

The Saitama Super Arena which is the venue of the basketball games is the largest class multipurpose auditorium in Japan and is adjacent to the Saitama Shintoshin Station. The most remarkable feature of this Arena is the “Moving block”. By moving a huge architectural block which contains audience seats, concourse, toilets and others with a weight of 15,000 tons, this facility is able to change from “Stadium mode” which accommodates a maximum of about 37,000 people to the “Arena mode” which accommodates a maximum of about 19,000 people. Thus, depending on the contents of events and audience numbers it is possible to choose various space settings.
The Saitama Super Arena is used for various events not only sporting events such as basketball, volleyball, and fighting sports (martial arts) but also many others such as music concerts and exhibitions.

3 minutes walks from JR “Saitama Shintoshin Station”.
10 minutes walks from JR “Kita Yono Station”.

  • Aerial view of the Saitama Super Arena. The adjacent area is well organized as “Saitama Shintoshin”.
  • Main Arena, where basketball games will be held.
  • “Keyaki Hiroba” located in the center of the Saitama Shintoshin. This is the green space in the metropolitan area where the lines of the Saitama prefectural Zelkova trees are planted.
  • Scene of Keyaki Hiroba which is lighted up for winter illumination.

Facilities information

Feature The largest class multipurpose hall in Japan/ with movable facilities such as moving blocks
Number of floors Underground; one floor, above; 7 floors, tower; 2 floors
Stadium mode Field: about 14,600sq. m., Audience seats: about 27,000 seats (maximum about 37,000 seats)
Height 66m
Arena mode Field: about 7,100sq. m., Audience seats: about 19,000 seats (maximum about 22,500 seats)
Community arena Field: about 7,500sq. m., Audience seats: about 3,300 seats (maximum about 4,000 seats)
Address 8, Shintoshin, Chuoku, Saitama-shi, Saitama Prefecture 330-0081
Construction area 43,730sq. m.
Website https://www.saitama-arena.co.jp/e/