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Asaka shooting Range

Asaka shooting Range which will be used as a venue for rifle and pistol shooting and clay shooting competition is located west of the JGSDF Asaka army post (which covers some of Nerima-ku in Tokyo, Asaka City, Wako City and Niiza City in Saitama prefecture). In the 1964 Tokyo Olympics, the rifle shooting competition was held here. Even now, shooters in the Japan Rifle Shooting Association and JSDF Physical Training School which is located on the army post use this shooting range and many competitions such as National Sports Festival are held here.
At the time of the Olympics, the facilities will be reorganized by the addition of temporary facilities which comply with the high standards for the Olympics competition.
In addition, within the army, there is a JGSDF’s publicity center so that citizens can feel more familiarity to JGSDF and many visitors feel an affinity with JGSDF.

Leaving “Asaka Station” or “Wakoshi Station” of the Tobu Tojo line.

  • Shooting range. At the time of Olympics and Paralympic games, temporary facilities will be constructed (detail plan is not known)
  • Shooting lane. Scene from the elimination contest for the National Sports Festival.
  • Adjscent JSDF Physical Training School
  • Publicity exhibition room of the JSDF Physical Training School.This school produced many medalists.

Facilities information

Feature The facility will be organized as a temporary facility
Address 1-4 Oizumigakuen, Nerima-ku, Tokyo
Website JGSDS Public Information Centor