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Tokyo 2020 Sightseeing Infomation @SAITAMA



During the Tokyo 2020 Olympic & Paralympic Games, Saitama Prefecture will serve as the venue for four Olympic sports and one Paralympic sport.

Saitama has a wide range of exciting experiences to offer, such as nature, culture, historical landscapes, and night-time activities.
When you come to watch the games, please be sure to enjoy the sights in Saitama before and after the event.


Saitama's seasons photos


Saitama city

 Competition venues

 Let's enjoy Saitama city!

Kawagoe city

 Competition venue

 Let's enjoy Kawaoe city!


Asaka city and Wako city

 Competition venue

 Let's enjoy Asaka city!

Let's enjoy Wako city!

 *Niikura Furusato Folk Houses (Former Tomioka Residence)


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Sightseeing SAITAMA