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Kumagaya City_Cool down between Rugby World Cup matches with Kumagaya City’s scrumptious frozen specialty_ ‘Yukikuma’(PDF:635KB)

▶Saitama City_ A place where sport and culture unite(PDF:1,148KB)


▶「Abroad the sake train:A locomotive treat awaits rugby visitors to Saitama(PDF:1,024KB)



▶「Nagatoro Town:A tourism hot spot just two hours from Tokyo,where you can enjoy rich nature and spectacular fall foliage!」(PDF:714KB)


▶「A Two-day Festival That Will Transport You Back in Time to the Traditional Aesthetic Streets of Edo-Period Japan」(PDF:539KB)



▶「A short trip to Kawagoe City, Saitama's 'Little Edo', for a glimpse of 18th century Edo Japan and the chance to discover a whole new way to enjoy shoyu!」(PDF:621KB)



▶「The Closest Tea -Leaf Picking Experience  to Tokyo」(PDF:708KB)